Small square dance noise 7 year old man lying gun was injured by egg-7470d

Small square dance noise 7 year old man lying gun was injured by egg flower bed, there was still some eggshell fragments. Suspected of throwing eggs in the residential buildings. Original title: downstairs at 7 in the morning to square dance upstairs by seventy elderly egg on the morning of September 24th 7, Chengdu Jinniu District River Yuan Heng Jie district flower beds, playing the sound of the square dance music, more than ten figure is accompanied by music twist. Never thought that, when they are jumping earned, behind "pa". A 70 year old man sitting on the bed side, pain clutching his head, body with a lot of broken egg shell and egg yolk…… As a result of the incident suddenly, when everyone back to God, looking for parabolic, have been unable to find the eggs from which, which floor thrown out of the. Subsequently, the WCC reporter visited the District, a number of nearby residents reflect, causing the lost egg hit people, because the square dance noise downstairs. At the same time, the residential property side also said, had previously received a number of residents within the District, square dance noise nuisance, each property found will be advised to leave, but not in time play loud music, still recalcitrant than. Accidental square dance noise seventy elderly lying gun "smashed home this morning, saw an old man clutching his head in pain." The 24 day at 7 in the morning, who lives in the area of the river Yuan Heng Jie Liu, go to the district 88 building downstairs flower, see an old man who has a lot of raw egg pieces, "is heard upstairs to throw down." Ms. Liu said, she was passing by, small beds on the ground, there are more than fifty or sixty years old and the presence of square dance unique "loud music". Subsequently, it was notified to the district security to deal with. The guards said, the old man was more than and 70 years old, living in the area, the situation is quite optimistic, body without significant trauma, just smashed into place some pain. Residents ready to call 120, but the old man stopped. Subsequently, the security call 110 alarm. "The old man said he had nothing to do, but also in front of everyone’s face, surrounded by a few laps around the flower bed." The guards said, the old man finally rest, waved his hand away. In fact, the big brother lying gun." Nearby residents Ms. Liu said, the old man was not involved in the dance, only registered tourists in the list next to the flower beds, estimated to hit a "upstairs dance, the uncle who was a calamity." Visited contradictions intensified also threw feces hit 24 at 10 in the morning, the Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter visited the district. Residential security, said the district is more dense buildings, large open-air Plaza is very small, many residents will choose in the flower beds, pool side movement, square dance dance. "There’s nothing wrong with dancing, but it’s the wrong time." The security said that they are on patrol, found people less than 7 in the morning, or the night 9 points, all put great music and dance, especially on weekends, many young people want to sleep in, these are the music made "mad". Subsequently, the reporter visited the 88 largest suspected eggs lost. In the middle and low, by the side of the flower bed residents, Kay相关的主题文章: