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" small Mustang " HyunA exclusive secret body form interview [Abstract] small horse HyunA’s coming!!! And Liu Zaishi cross show dance style, GD starred in the movie cross mudo, Chinese sister paper Cheng Xiao cross-border challenges of artistic gymnastics was more wonderful pickled cabbage idol looks ~ "small horse HyunA" ultimate sexy concert GD acting strength commended " small Mustang " HyunA exclusive secret body form September 17th. Ono Mahyuna in Shanghai held a fan meeting, what, you are not on the spot? It doesn’t matter, My anchor brings a live interview to make up for your regret. At the beginning, HyunA is cordial greeting "oh my video Tencent Smecta audience friends, everybody is good, I am hyuna. Today we can see the new song I prepared to perform, the songs of the previous stage can rarely be seen, so, this time the fans meet, the small wild horse, including the debut song "change", including a lot of songs. Every time the Mustang is modeled on the object of imitation, the fashion in the end how to get it? HyunA: first of all, thank you. Personally, love is usually able to dress up, on the stage, I love a variety of other. I prefer a simple shape with a bright spot of accessories. Good fashion is good figure with a long time, how to maintain the autumn fat figure, let HyunA tell you. HyunA Management: if I figure, fans will feel very lovely but I feel very sorry, I generally do gymnastics PT now, in addition to do some aerobic exercise and strength training. September October exercise, only sad, what are you waiting for, go up gym! A lot of stars are running their own tide brand, small Mustang also have this idea? HyunA: as I show on the stage and SNS on the way, I love sharing fashion items, if possible, I also will do, but not the idea that what I have to do. ". When to meet again, we must take care the body, although far away, but always cheer me up everyone, thank you, Liu Zaishi "Dancing" king and EXO cooperation, EXO God doesn’t know anything now popular singer turned actress, actor cross, design division, cook cook, do the program, MC host, into idol. At the beginning of the year, gwanghui sent letter to the lucky Liu Zaishi and EXO cooperation, "infinite challenge" is hereby made EXO series, great God EXO, the effect is obvious, the ratings increased by 0.8 percentage points over the infinite company, Liu Zaishi and EXO dancing king song "cross-border cooperation" in several sources ranked first. This dance is also very difficult for EXO members, for the cross-border Liu Zaishi is even more difficult. Liu Zaishi in a month to practice dancing, plus the EXO members for help, he successfully completed the premiere in Thailand, even without any mistakes, viewers are not clear on the stage which is Liu Zaishi or EXO, God is worthy of God, make every effort to do anything. Liu Zaishi gorgeous feet on stage.相关的主题文章: