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Home-and-Family Opting for very contemporary outdoor furniture is increasingly .mon these days. Regardless of interior decor or the architecture of the home, many consumers would rather have the clean lines and easy upkeep of modern and sleek outdoor furniture. Manufacturers are listening, and have .e up with many new and more .fortable designs. These more modern style versions are of a much larger variety than ever before. In both pricing and styling, there are many options. Even the big box stores have jumped on the buying bandwagon and provide molded plastic items that are very different from the earlier, poorly designed versions. Products are more durable and certainly better looking not to mention greener. On the more affordable end of pricing, both aluminum and resin wicker has made great strides in quality and new designs. Both offer long term durability while adding a new and better sense of design. The best part of all is how inexpensive they are, and even high end dealers offer chairs, for instance, at under $100 each that look fantastic. There’s an array of materials available today. Wood, metal, and resin have all taken on new fabrication as well as design. The trend is toward more natural looking colors and textures but with design twists that are decidedly new and interesting. Color is injected through the use of modern fabrics like Sunbrella and others that have textures much like interior fabrics. Technology is largely responsible for allowing so much diversity in products today. Traditional plastic use incorporates new chemical properties which can make outdoor furniture far more durable while at the same time being environmentally friendlier. The use of industrial robots and .puter design allow ideas to flow and production to be much less expensive. Designs can be far more fluid and provide styles that make older outdoor furniture seem dated. Buying inexpensive, ugly throwaway chairs at a discount store is long gone. For the same amount of money today there are interesting designs to be found. Fantastic, affordable designs are almost everywhere now. Manufacturers are also now able to do retro and post-modern type design that wasn’t possible before now. Finding pieces that look as good as Le Corbusier indoor styles for the outdoors is now easy and affordable. Interior designers are now able to extend indoor spaces into outdoor areas much more seamlessly because similar fabrics and styles are suddenly available. The trend toward similar decor is both beautiful and practical. If more seating is needed in one place or another, it’s very easy just to move a few chairs in or out. It allows decorators to reinforce the theme of the design to all areas of a home. The new lines of contemporary furniture are available on all ends of the retail spectrum of pricing, but most all of it ends up looking like it cost far more than it did. In the 21st Century, outdoor furniture design is one of the hottest markets that there is. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: