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Sipisiben week Australian Open to returning to the game for the second crown Spieth after six week sina sports news Beijing time on November 15th, after six weeks of vacation, Jordan Spieth once again to win the Australian open. Since the first weekend of October since the Hazeltine helped the U.S. team regain the Ryder Cup, Peter Pan has never played. Six weeks long holiday, so that his world ranking has dropped to the fifth place. Spieth had a lead of 6 bar victory over the Australian Open in 2014, since twenty years to become the first American player to win that tournament last year, he and Adam – Scott runner up together. "I feel fresh. My present is very strong and healthy, frankly is the most strong and healthy, "he said Monday a practice round at Royal Sydney in the AAP said," good rest for several weeks, I was training, and the last two weeks come back to play golf. I really tried to treat it as a season off." Compared to the past two years the site of the Australian golf club, the Australian Open this year to the Royal Sydney, SPIs will face new challenges. "Here the green trees, different style, different species, but the court is really great!" He talked about the city of Sydney, located in the eastern side of the Rose Bay, said, "the number of rods mainly depends on the weather. I think it depends on how big the wind blows. If the wind doesn’t blow, you can tear the place apart, but if it does, you’ll soon get into trouble." Spieth said his strategy will not change, but he admitted that he would think about it". "It’s not what change, in addition to the use of a number of wood," Spieth said, "I still plan to attack, so I try to make clear of the slopes, such as after the tournament cup position, I didn’t understand what the ball to where." The Australian Open Thursday, Matt – Jones (Matt Jones) will strive to defend, but the local Legion leader is Adam – Scott, Geoff Ogilvy and Aaron Baddeley. Related reading: plan in 2017 to reduce the competition SPIs: I need time to rest (wind)相关的主题文章: