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Sinopec Gansu Dongxiang county student more than 50 poor students (Figure) – Beijing Beijing in September 23 Lanzhou Xinhua (reporter Liu Yutao) opening soon, Gansu Prefecture of Linxia Province, Dongxiang Autonomous County national secondary school more than 50 students each received 1000 yuan grants, "for the poor students like us, high school three every year can get 1000 yuan subsidy, fortunately, in studying the way to realize their dreams, to get such a caring, feel very warm." Shi Shouqian, who received funding. Shi Shouqian said, this funding is not only on our material assistance, but also spiritual incentive and encouragement, encourage us to study hard, study hard, toward a higher goal, passion play to their ability and cleverness. 23, Dongxiang Ethnic Autonomous County held a national minority secondary school grants and Sinopec Sinopec hope class, Sinopec flight ceremony. This fall to recruit 52 students want to open a high class and poor students, starting this year, will receive a monthly subsidy of $1000 a year for three consecutive years, a total of $156 thousand for the purchase of learning materials, etc.. The picture shows a group of students get funding. Photo by Liu Yutao Sinopec Gansu Petroleum Branch Company general manager Feng Peiyu said, love student activities is Sinopec’s state-owned enterprises to fulfill their obligations, reflect the people-oriented, caring student love and reminders of the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, I hope the students cherish the opportunity to learn, study hard and become a man of tremendous promise of the construction of the motherland. Dongxiang county is located in central Gansu, northeast of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, the territory of Alexander goushen, drought and water shortage, as the only Dongxiang Ethnic Minority Autonomous County as the main body, is "in province help key poverty-stricken counties, Sinopec is a company focused on poverty alleviation county. In recent years, Autonomous County Blenheim village of Sinopec Dongxiang aid group, roads, support industries, in March this year, once again donated 2 million 300 thousand yuan to the education and teaching equipment. Further efforts to carry out the work of poverty alleviation, care for the poor students in Dongxiang, support for the education of ethnic minority areas in Dongxiang, so that the rapid development of ethnic education in an orderly manner. Funded student parents Wang Qingmei said, three years of funding, we reduce the burden of reading for students, but also let us feel warm, my child and I will never forget this kindness, I will teach children to study harder and life, return to the community in the future, to help more people need help. (end)相关的主题文章: