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E.merce You have more then likely used shopping cart software when you’ve bought items online. An e.merce shopping cart makes purchasing items simple for customers, while keeping things easy to manage on the side of the seller also. Most shopping cart software is .patible with PHP, since PHP freeware is in wide use and interacts well with many operating systems and browsers. PHP based websites easily integrate HTML elements, which can lead to eye catching, dynamic, and functional website designs. Owning a store takes psychological skills as well as business acumen. One reason it is .mon for shopping cart software to actually have a drawing of a physical shopping cart is that customers associate shopping carts with shopping, and the number of small touches that can make customers feel .fortable add up over time. A customer who does not feel safe and secure is unlikely to spend any money. People are not always safe when using their credit or debit cards when shopping on the Internet, so a way to make them feel safe is to use shopping cart software that is .patible with a safe and reliable third party payment site. This lets an individual use a credit card or some other account to make a purchase, and not have to share their private numbers with anyone else. These are very safe, as long as you protect your password and don’t respond to "phishing" scams. An alternative to a shopping cart is to allow orders through phone or mail. This could be acceptable for some products or services, but people buy things on the Internet because it is convenient, and they like it better when the whole situation is in one place. A shopping cart is well worth spending the money on, as it will improve how much merchandise or services you move. In a .parison of shopping cart software, the business owner should be looking at more then just pricing, but at features as well. Among the desirable features of a good shopping cart are: third party payment site accessibility, PHP .patibility, security features, and ease of usage. No matter the price, the software that does not make buying and selling easy is no bargain. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: