Shenzhou car u+ never drawn into commitment now tricky users exposed driver was pumped into the 33% 小坂めぐる

Shenzhou car U+ never drawn into commitment now tricky users exposed driver was pumped into 33% driver pumped into up to 33% Shenzhou car U+ "never smoke into" tricky [Beijing time technology] the reporter Wang Shiyao, Shenzhou car investors must be very happy. September 22nd, the launch of the Shenzhou U+ strategy launched another round of subsidies on the same day, burn is not the money of investors, but the cost passed on to the driver. The same day, the Shenzhou car announced free open platform resources to meet the conditions of the owners. This marks China’s entry into the C2C market. Conference on the same day, China solemnly promised to settle in U+ platform driver never smoke. But then there are friends to Beijing time to reflect, he was on this platform is very interested, but during the registration process that provides the Shenzhou car reading "guide" in the middle, tricky, eventually abandoned the registration. Reporter access to this article titled "car can really make money! One minute to understand the U+ open platform, the article found that the last one (twelfth) explained that the driver is to get the actual amount of money paid by the passengers. For example, the driver to provide a 150 yuan service, passengers pay $150, the driver should also get $150. But if the passenger is unfortunately involved in the charge 100 to send the activities of the 50, the driver can only be very sad to get a reminder of $100. And China subsidies to passengers 50 yuan, the actual return of the shenzhou. In this process, the driver actually provided 150 yuan of service, but only get $100, in fact, was pumped into the 33%. The netizen to Beijing time Tucao said, the Shenzhou U+ just on the line in order to attract drivers, claiming the driver always pumped into zero, but it was pumped into the 33%, also playing digital games with the user, this approach is too dark. Subsequently, Beijing time reporter to interview a car platform responsible person, the responsible person said, at present, some car platform to the driver is pumped into the platform for drivers smoke + labor service companies, leasing companies cut, total percentage is about 25%. Moreover, the driver’s income on the platform with the passengers recharge or not. The official said that the Shenzhou car subsidies for passengers only, the driver only coupons subsidies, no subsidies to recharge, it is not fair to the driver, the equivalent of a platform to put the money back. In this regard, the Beijing Times reporter interviewed Beijing lawyer Wang Zhong zhongzhou. He said that the Shenzhou car is suspected of false propaganda, in violation of the advertising law and anti unfair competition law, its propaganda said "never smoke into" and the actual practice is not consistent. Passengers enjoy a travel service and pay a fee of $150, and the driver also paid a $150 worth of services, including rent, mileage fees, fees, fees, long time, but the driver only got 100 yuan of money, did not get equal remuneration and service, China never pumped into "propaganda is not established in the actual operation, this practice undermines the interests of drivers. The reporter contacted the Shenzhou car, the other did not respond positively, but constantly stressed on相关的主题文章: