Shenzhou car allows the car to join the heavy car market to pick the war – Sohu car winpm

Shenzhou car allows the car to join the heavy car market to pick the war? Sohu Shenzhou car car in September 22nd officially released U open platform strategy, announced free flow, technology and brand resources to meet the conditions of the owners, and promised never to smoke. Since the Shenzhou car since January 28, 2015 officially launched, has been using a professional driver, professional vehicle "B2C differential operation mode. However, drops and excellent step China announced the merger last month, changed the domestic market about the original car market competition pattern. Lu Zhengyao, chairman and CEO, said, as the excellent Chinese car travel platform established strategy, in June 2015, our C2C model U open platform has been completed. Today the time is ripe, we officially launched. Shenzhou car owned vehicles through the B2C mode by the quality and profit, U open platform for free to flow, the two complement each other, complement each other, together we share the full product line of travel." On July 2016, Shenzhou car operators China excellent car listed on the new board. According to the China auto car announced, the strategy to meet the "no criminal record, more than 3 years of driving experience and no serious traffic violation records" condition of the driver can carry vehicle access to the U open platform standard, Shenzhou car sharing high-quality customer resources and quality of customer orders. Shenzhou car said to the owners commitment, U open platform to the owners never pumped into. At that time, customers in the use of the APP car car Shenzhou, Shenzhou car owned vehicles can be free to choose or co opted U open platform vehicle, car source more faster, jiejia. Insiders pointed out that in the new deal, the car will be landing C2C platform to reduce subsidies and improve the driver pumped into the occasion, the Shenzhou car allows the car to join the intention is self-evident. In July 28th this year, the country’s attention to the network booking taxi service management Interim Measures officially announced, will be implemented in November 1st. (Editor: Qiu Liying)相关的主题文章: