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Shenyang military region 4 thorough investigation of disciplinary problems left 4 cadres were punished – Sohu Military Channel "did not expect such a big adjustment policy……" Not long ago, the joint logistics system reform started, in many "unexpectedly", Shenyang military officers and soldiers to do rehabilitation strong mission play and enthusiasm to join the remedial work, high standards over the transfer task. Dry is "graduation" of the living, with the entrepreneurial strength. Is doing so well? Do the aftermath of political commissar Luo Yichang said it best: "a strong army by President Xi at the helm of navigation, do rehabilitation work on the important speech of President Xi series lead!" To unify the spirit of the speech thought is the forerunner of the action, the ideological work can be enthusiastic." Since the beginning of the year, the aftermath of the Party committee held a special meeting 4 times, according to the new requirements of the new system, further change the thinking, change the way, change the style. After the initial formation of office work, in the face of a multitude of things, some of the officers and men do not know what, how to do remedial work. Post office party thematic organization learning important speech President Xi series, "with a series of speeches and actively explore learning, research on learning, to solve the problem of traction test study, with innovative approaches to promote learning and learning with the system mechanism to regulate the learning mode, quickly lift up learning President Xi strategic thinking on strengthening the army reform upsurge. The more you learn the more glorious mission, the more you feel the responsibility to learn more." Many officers and men have said that the aftermath is not backward, the aftermath as. Today, the Shenyang military officers and soldiers in the overall situation consciously do remedial action, always with the same direction, for the reform of share reform. It is a rather difficult historical problem to complete the work with the mission: a project from start to finish, and always with local staff disputes. The aftermath of the Shenyang Military Region Party committee office took over, not evade, not prevarication, set up a special working group to coordinate with local governments and relevant departments of communication, and finally made a breakthrough. "To improve the quality of good service, good coordination is done." With the office of leadership said with emotion, with the front attached office attached behind thousands of households, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, must take the strategy of strengthening the ideological reform of President Xi as a sharp weapon to crack problems. The problem facing the complicated problems, the inertia of the old complicated and difficult to deal with problems, the formation of long-term rehabilitation, office party felt: "both the creative results of the construction of efficient troops into power reform and development, but also be good at resolve all kinds of problems for the reform of the burden." At the beginning of the reform over period, in terms of changes in the background, 4 cases of violation of discipline problems they left the original unit that thorough investigation, the implementation of disciplinary action against the 4 Party members and cadres, admonishing conversation of 3 party members and cadres, have a powerful role in warning education, a strong signal to transfer more after the more strict discipline. "Think about how many units of legacy issues we need to solve, think about how many families want us to support the hope." Post office party with President Xi series of important speech breath cohesion, so that the larger legacy problems of 12 types of 499 areas to receive 85% of the safe solution. Enhance the effectiveness of innovative ideas"相关的主题文章: