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Shen Xue Zhao Hongbo appeared in Zhangjiakou women’s volleyball team spirit: learning to prepare for the Beijing winter – Beijing wedding scene, 20 couples sweet kiss. Zhai Yujia photo Beijing, Zhangjiakou, August 25, (Cui Tao Zhang Fan Zhai Yujia) the prairies and rows of Mongolia package, everywhere and…… In the Winter Olympics figure skating champion Shen Xue couple, Zhao Hongbo witnessed by 25, 20 of the "90" newcomers from different parts of Hebei Province in Zhangbei County of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, the grassland in the ceremony, and for the first Chinese prairie highway wedding photography exhibition opening. Zhao Hongbo said that as a team of Chinese flower skating coach, Chinese flower skating team will learn the Rio Olympics, women’s volleyball spirit, go all out to prepare for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pingchang, Korea and the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. Shen Xue, Mr. and Mrs. Zhao Hongbo won the gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics, breaking the monopoly of the former Soviet Union and Russia’s 46 year history of the Olympic gold medal. Also won the 2002 and 2006 Winter Olympics bronze medal, three times three times world champion, runner up, a third. Free skating world championship in 2007 after the end of the game, Zhao Hongbo romantic on one knee to propose to Shen Xue, this achievement of figure skating couple Happy marriage. In May 2013, Zhao Hongbo was officially appointed as the Chinese skating team. 20 couples in Mongolia held a collective wedding ceremony package Beijing reporters on the scene saw 20 of wearing suit and dress "90" filed into the new grassland in Mongolia "the world’s largest package". The Mongolia dome diameter of 60.7 meters, 21.3 meters high, eaves height of 7.3 meters, covering an area of 3180 square meters, is the world headquarters of Guinness as "the world’s largest Mongolia". 20 couples in Hebei local marriage customs "curtain" admission, walked the red carpet. Shen Xue and his wife Zhao Hongbo, as witnesses, led the rookie took vows, and advised the newcomers not forget the early heart, along the way". At the same time, because of "the tide" diamond wedding gift and popular network "the tide of diamond wedding couple", Wang Lijin Huang Shaozhen also tells the story of two people to each other for 64 years to the story, for the couple to send blessings. When we, a backpack, a box, both migrate. No dream house, cars, tickets, but a way of trials and hardships, and walked together for 64 years." The wedding scene, Wang Lijin and Huang Shaozhen old speech "the past does not smoke, the beginning of the heart still does not change". At the same time, the new representatives, representatives of the new parents and the elderly to drill the old, middle and green three generations of love concept about their understanding of marriage. 20 couples will be 50 pieces of wedding photos are arranged in prairie road along the way, the road into a prairie with romantic scenery. The road festival will be a 10 day exhibition, visitors can go to visit. In order to best wishes for 20 couples from Hebei Handan, the tide of diamond wedding man "– Huang Shaozhen 95 year old Wang Lijin, 83 years old, specially came to the prairie day road with new people through a common" 1.314KM way of life". In the course of "walking the same path", 20 pairs of new相关的主题文章: