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Shaoxing seventy uncle WeChat group has written an autobiographical novel series more than 90 thousand words (Figure) Shaoxing seventy uncle WeChat group has written an autobiographical novel series of more than 90 thousand word events like a jar of wine, the longer the more mellow. 70 year old man in Shaoxing Song Guohua in the WeChat series of autobiography, the story of his life, to share with more people. Currently, he has insisted for more than and 100 days, a total of about more than 90 thousand words. Song Guohua WeChat wrote novels originated from the gathering of friends, "high school classmates together, everyone’s life trajectory is different, and want to quickly share, I feel a sudden recall was opened." Song Guohua worked as a youth and the village teacher, worked as manager accounting, catering enterprises, also works over agriculture, 70 years of experience and insight. From May 21st this year, Song Guohua every day to write an article on WeChat autobiographical novels. WeChat novel from his diary material, he is a full "Diary control", since work, has written fifty or sixty diary. Although every day in the writing of the novel WeChat, he still keep a diary. Song Guohua’s WeChat novel every day less more than and 500 words, more than more than 1 thousand words. The night before the idea is good, the second day at 4:30 in the morning to open the phone to write a memorandum, then modify the evening after the official release of the high school students and relatives of the WeChat group. He will be good in every chapter of the title, date, number, wait for everyone to read, he will comment on record, and then handed over to print out the son-in-law. It is the story of the wine shop, he has written 87. "I only know the story, and now through the network to share with family and friends, I feel very fresh and excited." Song Guohua said. It’s hard to imagine that these words were written by a 70 year old man on a cell phone. Every day with a cell phone poke, one or two hours to write so many words." Age, long time staring at the screen of the mobile phone very tired eyes, but as long as he is wearing presbyopic glasses picked up the mobile phone, is happiness within. The old man will not use the keyboard Pinyin, and now the smart phone to play the most is the memo and WeChat group function. WeChat, he has a group of loyal readers, most of his old high school classmate, "they told me, don’t look at me to write novels every day will feel less like something I see out updates, my heart will be full point." Song Guohua said with a smile, his classmates is the greatest power of his writing. This is all their own hobbies, their own busy happy." Song Guohua life is a calm man, speaking of diary and WeChat novel, old man in good out of a bandbox. Song Guohua said he would like to use WeChat to allow more people to read his novel, in the future there is a chance to be able to publish these novels, which is one of his life plan.相关的主题文章: