Shanghai pilot ” waste oil re-use ” more than a hundred buses to drink ”

Shanghai pilot " drainage oil using "   bus; 100 " drink; drainage oil " road – Sichuan Channel – original title: Shanghai pilot " drainage oil using " " bus; 100 drink; drainage oil " road is a bus company pilot "drainage oil recycling" that has 147 Road, 55 Road, 960 road and other lines of the bus "energy" to the day before yesterday, they have normal driving about 10000000 kilometers. This is a reporter yesterday in a bus company, Sun Hua chief technician studio results show was informed. "Waste oil collected by the food management department, and then processed by professional units. Now the bus engine emission standards have reached five in Europe, Europe, the level of four, at first did not dare to use ‘trench oil’, fear of damage. Later, after a series of real vehicle testing and testing before it was put into use, there are already 104 buses using the ‘gutter oil’. The oil is also known as biodiesel because it is a blend of waste oil and diesel oil." Bus company a senior technician Sun Hua told reporters. In yesterday’s show, Sun Hua studio chief technologist demonstrated innovative development of sunwin Euro three and euro four models, a new type of fault identification card driver safety operation manual, senior bus dashboard fault repair 14 scientific and technological achievements. (: Luo Yu, commissioning editor Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: