Shanghai museum complex trial operation dingxiangwuyuetian

Shanghai view of the completion of the museum complex trial operation of the museum is the founding of new China after the first legal qualifications of private museums. Initially in view of the Museum of classical art, in October 30, 1996, the government approved the establishment of. The concept of the museum complex in the cultural heritage of China, to show the Chinese civilization as its mission, in groping from scratch in drip temper forward, passing of night is over twenty years. In twenty years, the museum’s change of address, name change, only the copy of the original China culture consistent from beginning to end, as solid as rocks. The share of bitterness and liver and gallbladder, only a way to come back to the concept of people can appreciate. Museum Museum 20 anniversary of the Shanghai Museum opening ceremony (Museum for map) twenty years, founder of Mr. Ma Weidou led the growing operations team, only a few hundred meters from the original Liulichang exhibition area, to have thousands of square meters of professional exhibition hall today; the creation of a local museum – Hangzhou Museum from 2001 to the Xiamen Museum, the Shanghai Museum today. Looking back, twenty years journey is full of hardships, but also full of pride. As a private museum, twenty years of continuous self concept of complex requirements in exhibition and service excellence, self-sufficiency, self hematopoietic operation mechanism, become a model and leader in the domestic private museum. At present, there are Ceramic Museum, furniture museum, art museum, door and window Museum, oil painting Museum and museum store, which show the development process and the infinite charm of Chinese civilization from different angles. "All things work together, I view the complex." Over the years, the museum has been planning a succession of nearly one hundred thematic exhibition. Each session of the exhibition, with vivid and unique concept of rehabilitation team professional meticulous creative awakening heritage for thousands of years of slumber soul, let them full of new vitality, vivid vividly in front of people, people for colliding with the feeling and surprise for life and the beauty of life. Originality of the exhibition, professional people’s business philosophy, concept of rehabilitation, make the museum go down into the heart, attracts countless tourists linger in this garden. They cross national boundaries, ethnic, age here, with the ancients dialogue, and cultural counterparts, to find their own share of the cultural feelings. Cultural communication in the exhibition of cultural relics to the public, the concept of the complex through television, network, books and other forms of dissemination of Chinese culture. As the founder of Mr. Ma Weidou speaker CCTV flagship program "Lecture Room" award, first prize of the social educational TV "collection" Ma, network play over 200 million "concept" and other complex toot taped programs also "live broadcast; Ma did not take you to the concept of the museum complex" and keeping pace with the times. The publication of "Ma said," China ancient ceramics "window", "collection", "Ma said," the color of porcelain "porcelain", "pattern of civilization", "hundred seats", "thousands of boxes of Vanward set", "tea wine when drunk," civilization "jade", "Doudu" series of cultural books, obscure ancient Chinese traditional culture become a science national culture. The concept of the museum complex is the 20 anniversary of the opening ceremony of Shanghai Museum (Museum for map) in 2009, sponsored by Mr. Ma Weidou Beijing Guanfu cultural foundation into.相关的主题文章: