See the world 52 years after the scenic graffiti Chen Zhicheng continuous cleaning for 3 days (video-headache怎么读�

See the world: Scenic graffiti after 52 years continuous cleaning Chen Zhicheng 3 days Beijing graffiti 13 landscape caused outrage Chen Zhicheng appeared cleaning red print original title: 52 year old Chen Zhicheng scenic graffiti after 3 days of continuous cleaning at the age of 52, Chen Zhi left more than ten red graffiti is causes in Beijing netizens condemned Fangshan drunk Hill scenic spot. Then he publicly apologized for 3 consecutive days came to the area to clean graffiti. After facing the tourists, Chen Zhicheng is not afraid he is the internet. Wearing a hat, wearing a green jacket and shoes, a rucksack filled with working tools. Two wooden handle and iron brush, a steel ball, some sandpaper, a pair of gloves…… September 17th, 18, 2009, for the three consecutive day, Chen Zhicheng early in the morning to clean the area of imprinting on the scene. "Scenic spot is not my responsibility now, then I have to clean up, and to talk to people, I really made a mistake." Chen Zhicheng told the Chengdu daily reporter. After facing the tourists, Chen Zhicheng is not afraid he is online the "random write", he did not hesitate to scold you really mean. "Every point I wipe a little bit to reduce the crime, the heart will be a little relieved, all finished, I will be free." The first encounter with such a large area of graffiti shop in Mount Huangshan village, from the initial anger into a complete understanding. Mount Huangshan branch committee secretary Zhang and Deputy Secretary Chen Zhicheng think, mistaken attitude is sincere and fair, and practical action in the clean-up, scenic spot will never ask him financial compensation. "Don’t condemn him, people will inevitably make mistakes, to give him a chance." (time news)相关的主题文章: