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See the child ran dirty, know the truth after the mother could not help but cry – Sohu mother and child to say that the child is one of the most annoying things for his mother, but he made the whole body dirty. A clean run early in the morning to go to school, afternoon turned into a "clay" back, bear children never seem to feel when the mother’s toil, try to give us trouble. Thailand recently a video is talking about this thing – a few back from school bear child, give their mother a big shock. On the school uniform, on the hand, on the leg is the mud, how does the mother deal with this kind of situation? When the video is 5 minutes long, please watch in the WiFi environment. Is it true that the child’s eyes are pure? Xiaobian not by think of a lovely poem, wrote a lovely child: a small child, if he clean clothes neatly, if he behaved this is not a good thing if he is an opening uncle aunt good bye bye Hello if he is four years old and this can let pear what is the meaning of a small child, should be everywhere disorderly roll streets run, face and hands are dirty but also should be a little bad, a little naughty he should be playing for a long time with no purpose game he is a small animal with a selfish, lovely and cruel he is coming to the world in order to educate us so that we can once again growth rather than decay down…… Along with the children we are always concerned about us, but fortunately for beginners, exciting information together with the progress you may miss = = = = = = = * ^ ` closed note micro letter ` ` ` the public number: children will reply in the public ` ` the number, you can receive a free 72 dialog box: the picture book Oh, don’t wrong oh. A children’s Book Museum Scarecrow = = = = = = = = a children’s book published "Museum of world children’s literature masterpiece", "Ozzy’s picture gallery" adventures in Wonderland as hundreds of books (both in shop to buy). More parenting and children to read the information, please note * ^ ` ` micro letter ` ` the public number: Scarecrow children’s Book Museum, Guan ` note after the reply: 108, the children receive free. In order to facilitate the receipt of exciting information, please click on the lower right corner in the subscription number: Scarecrow books Museum Sohu相关的主题文章: