Sanitation workers reading, do not disturb is the best support-sichen

Sanitation workers do not bother reading, is the best way to support the high Wenzhou Yongjia commentary authors in a bookstore, an old man reading picture touched everyone. Photos of the old man wearing a red uniform of the sanitation workers, holding a book and sat on the floor, gray hair, face book is like a child like hunger and thirst to. The picture is very warm, not because the clerk to a sanitation worker refuse, worried about his dirty old books, not because of those who are off the old rules will be careless with, but each time to wash clean, then quietly reading in the side. Everyone was moved, not only because of the behavior of the elderly themselves, but also because we see from the elderly who have forgotten that thing, a spirit full of positive energy. Old but vigorous, rather shift the ambition of the elderly? The harder pressed, the stronger, do not fall Albatron ambition. All know that reading is good, we all know the meaning of persistence, but really picked up the book as the old man read a person who read a few? Have a thirst for knowledge in the stack, more of a calm Zhiyuan mood, this mood is precisely the most scarce impetuous modern people’s. I think, it is because of these, so, we sincerely praise. But this movement is to their own, not to others. Can get some inspiration from it, give yourself a little incentive, this is enough, there is no need to put this moved in the mouth, in action. I am not worried about this thing no one cares, fear is afraid of some people are holding the mentality of Zoetrope ran onlookers, some words and actions show excessive enthusiasm, circle of friends to see enough but also went to the scene to observe, after media reports still not enough time, went to the old man about his small household affairs. After watching a series of amazement, sigh. Their intention, the starting point is good, but may inadvertently give a false sense of man: it seems that reading things should not happen in an underclass body, as if the sanitation workers should not appear in the "elegant" local bookstore. In fact, reading with independent status, some people at the top of the temple, not more than ten years of reading a book, some people live in a simple room, yet it can be concerned about world affairs. When you deliberately distinguish the identity of the region at the same time, in fact, your subtext is that he has done with his own identity is not commensurate with the matter, which is not only inconsistent with the facts, does not meet the original intention of the elderly. He read the book for the world, not for the world outside the book. He didn’t want to say anything to the society, but to give his grandchildren a meaningful story. Onlookers, deliberately overstating the looks is a kind of encouragement, but not with a condescending charity. Looking for a great significance between the sanitation workers and reading, it was Like attracts like. identity label, Birds of a feather flock together. examine the eyes, really uncomfortable. Don’t think the old man can’t read the subtext of secular vision, he just cherish the moment of peace. This touched in my heart, in my heart by heart. Even well intentioned onlookers, but also a kind of spiritual burden, the eyes will make them uneasy and embarrassed; praise can make a person feel pressure, let them dwell on their own behavior. I think, for him.相关的主题文章: