Samsung or give up the flat screen version of Galaxy S8 only push surface screen models-pork face

Samsung Galaxy S8 or give up the flat screen version only curved screen S7 Edge push model Galaxy Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 9th news, according to "Korea Herald" reported in its online edition, industry sources said, Samsung is considering abandoning the plane screen version in the Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone launch next year, only push curved screen models. Samsung is so considered, because Galaxy S7 Edge in sales has exceeded Galaxy S7. Now, Samsung as the main selling point of its flagship smartphone screen. Sources said that Samsung has now begun to display its display manufacturer Samsung (Samsung Display) purchase two sizes of curved screen: 5.1 inches and inches. Samsung display is now the world’s only manufacturer of hyperboloid screen. Samsung has now used this strategy to the latest launch of Galaxy Note 7, the phone only curved screen version. However, the yield of the curved screen is critical for Samsung’s strategy. 2015, Samsung’s first use of curved surface on the Galaxy S6 Edge, but due to the limited supply of curved screen, Samsung failed to maintain the momentum of sales of Galaxy S6 Edge. "That lack of supply feel heartbreaking," Samsung mobile business leader Gao Dongzhen (Koh Dong-jin) said in August, "we have improved the quality of the products, to expand the screen models yield surface." (compile Xiao rain)相关的主题文章: