Salesforce called on the EU to investigate Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn transactions rosstallanma

Salesforce called on the EU to investigate Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn transaction Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, Salesforce on Thursday called on the EU regulatory authorities to conduct a comprehensive investigation of Microsoft’s $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn transactions. Microsoft is expected in the next few weeks to seek approval of the EU antitrust authorities on the deal. This is one of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the history of Microsoft. LinkedIn had failed in the bidding battle Salesforce company called for antitrust authorities should not only a simple review of the deal, and said the deal would threaten the innovation and market competition. Salesforce ·, chief legal officer Burke (Burke Norton); Norton said in a statement: "after a large number of data obtained over 450 million LinkedIn users in the workplace from more than and 200 countries, Microsoft can prevent adversaries from getting these data, so as to obtain an unfair competitive advantage." Salesforce believes that this will bring serious antitrust and data privacy issues. The United States and the European Union antitrust and data privacy regulators should conduct a comprehensive investigation." He said. The European Commission’s preliminary review of the deal will last 25 working days. If the transaction raises serious concerns, the audit will be extended to about 4 months. (compile wing fly) recommended: concern AI generation micro signal (tencentAI), reply to Standford, can get the Stanford University: 2030 artificial intelligence and Life Report Download link.相关的主题文章: