Roewe new car trailer released debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show (video) synnex

Roewe new car trailer released on the Guangzhou Auto Show debut, Roewe (micro-blog) released a new set of car trailer, the new car will be in November 18, 2016 at the Guangzhou Motor Show debut (micro-blog). It is reported that the car may be named Roewe 550 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) L, there might be a new way of naming, is very worthy of our expectations. "Roewe new models" notice it is understood that the new car is based on the Roewe Vision-R concept car is built, can be seen as the concept Vision-R production version. The drag coefficient as low as 0.25 new cars, driving stability in terms of saving, mute and will increase. From the rear of the trailer, the new car styling is very full, taillights lighting effect is outstanding. "With the Roewe Vision-R concept car with SAIC Roewe E950 and Vision-R concept car unveiled at the Guangzhou auto show and we had also exposed the car’s declaration, the new car in front of the Roewe’s new" rhythm "family grille design, trapezoidal grille style and RX5 are very similar, and other more slender headlamps the front grille is connected, is equipped with LED daytime running lights. "After the exposure of the Roewe 550L declaration" power, new car will provide three cylinder and four cylinder 1.5T two 1.0T power systems for consumer choice, the maximum power is 125 horsepower and 169 horsepower. The new car will be officially unveiled at the Guangzhou auto show, or will announce the name of the car, we wait and see.相关的主题文章: