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Live up to the world economy of the river water diversion canal – International – people.com.cn history to today, a slow problem lie in front of the whole world — economic growth momentum is clearly insufficient. At a loss, people look forward to China’s Hangzhou. "The construction of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy, China advocates the summit theme, depicting the future development path, the Chinese scheme provided to the world. To maintain the high growth, achieve steady for the better, the good performance of China economy, has made great contribution to the development of the world, will continue to be an important engine and stabilizer of the world economy, a strong China confidence to the world. The practice of "innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing" new concept of development, the supply side structural reforms launched a series of policies and measures, innovative practice China, a set of effective measures to show to the world China. Forward looking summit, which will be the highest level in China in recent years, the largest and most far-reaching international event. Beautiful Hangzhou, the bustling place in history, today’s innovation and vitality of the city, will certainly leave a deep imprint on the history of G20 and world economic development. Lead the development of innovation, stimulate the vitality of reform — China new development conception and practice achievements, for the world to seek new source of confidence, to provide reference for West Lake along the Hangzhou south, along the mountain road to the Jade Emperor gossip field scenic area, a row of Jiangnan garden features reflected by curtain courtyard. It was eight hundred years ago the official notes "money Huizi" printed. Before the transformation of the ceramic products market, now turned to private finance as the core of the fund Town, attracting nearly 900 venture capital, brokerage, wealth management and other financial institutions settled. Here, is the students in America Wang Feng farewell Wall Street home new starting point to start life. In the United States engaged in 8 years of hedge fund research and trading, he was in partnership with the establishment of the Zhejiang in March 2015, the number of surplus Cci Capital Ltd. Recall that the financial crisis in the United States experience, Wang Feng has a lingering fear: "a large number of unemployed, rapidly shrinking assets, the Wall Street was filled with panic." In his view, the road to recovery of the world economy is still difficult and long. Wang Feng returned, is directed at China’s economic growth brought about by the opportunity, but also directed at China’s rich entrepreneurial innovation atmosphere. Fund town started more than a year, the total size of the management of funds has exceeded 500 billion yuan. Hangzhou fund town growth curve, it is a microcosm of China’s economy in the development of innovation to a higher level. Great from the past Chinese cutting-edge technology gap with Europe and the United States, today part of the field to stand on the same starting line and even leading to the Silicon Valley; from the Chinese enterprise "learn", today Silicon Valley giants began to learn from the successful experience of Chinese Internet companies…… China’s innovation and development has achieved results. Experience and inspire the world. To revive the world economy, should establish a new concept of development, take the road of reform and innovation, build the motivity of economic development, enhance the future growth potential — to fall into the "low growth dilemma" of the global economy, the 2014 G20 summit in Brisbane made an aspiring goal: to 2018)相关的主题文章: