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Health A chemical peel can be designated as part of the body treatment regimen. Used to improve the texture and smoothness of the facial skin, the process usually uses a chemical solution that would cause the dead skin to cast off and eventually come off. The new layer skin is usually smooth and contains lesser wrinkles that the older skin. This peeling off led to its name of chemical peel. There are usually two kinds of chemical peels. One is part of the beauty treatment and the other requires a professional help. The chemical peeling can require the guidance of a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, esthetician or a otolaryngologist. Signature Wellness offers chemical peels that help in improving the appearance of the skin. Done on the hands, face and the neck, the regimen can treat wrinkles, tan, acnes, and thereby reduce the age spots giving it a replenished look. The following are some kind chemical peels that are available in the market: Alpha Hydroxy acid peels The alpha hydroxyl occurs in the carboxylic acids such as the glycolic acid. The glycolic acid is a constituent of lactic acid and sugar cane juice, sour milk and tomato juice. One of the mildest forms of peels, these are perfect for the treatment of fine wrinkles, dryness, pigmentation and acne. These are mixed with the facial wash and cream to form the part of the daily skin care regimen. The acid is derived from the five basic fruits that include the citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid, glycolic acid and tartaric acid. Beta Hydroxyl acid peels Just like the hormone replacement therapy in Charlotte, this beta hydroxyl acid is used for its ability to get deeper inside than that of AHA. Research has shown that the acid controls sebum excretion. It also controls acne as it removes all dead skin cells. The salicylic acid is a beta hydroxyl acid. Jessners Peel Pioneered by Dr. Max Jessner, the peel constitutes of 14 percent salicylic acid, resorcinol, lactic acid and ethanol base. A superior form of treatment, it is designed to remove all the superficial layers of the skin. Another light cosmetic peel, it consists of mild peeling agent that would help in eliminating pigmentation and treat sun-damaged skin. Retinoic acid peel A part of retinoid, this facial peel is only conducted with the help of a plastic surgeon and dermatologist in an accredited medical spa setting. Deeper than the beta hydroxyl acid peel, it is effectively used to remove all scars, wrinkles and pigmentation. Just like the bio identical hormones treatment in Charlotte, this peel is often combined with the Jessners Peel. This is used to open up the pores of the skin so that the acid can penetrate into another layer. Sometimes for dramatic changes, multiple peels may be required. Trichloroacetic acid peels This peel is used as an intermediate deep peeling agent in concentrations ranging from 20 to 50 percent. With the increase in concentration, the peel is more effective. However, these peels are not suggested because of the high risk of scarring. They are preferred for the dark-skinned patients, smoothens fine surface wrinkles, superficial blemishes are removed and skin pigmentation problems are reduced. Phenol peels One of the strongest solutions used in a skin peel, the affect of the phenol peel is accredited to the croton oil activity. Effects are long lasting and improvements on the skin have been found to be dramatic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: