Ren Zhengfei I hope the Chinese bubble after the rest of the good products

Ren Zhengfei: I hope the rest of Chinese post bubble is a good product Tencent Francisco HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei recently to HUAWEI staff issued document No. eightieth, sharing forum summary and Japan Representative Office, the staff of the Institute of japan. Ren Zhengfei talked about the development of science and technology, commerce and culture in China and japan. Ren Zhengfei said that the two countries are in progress, Japan reborn after 100 years, the world high quality pronoun, he believes that China through years of efforts, through many pains will become synonymous with new. The following is a summary of the forum of Ren Zhengfei and the Japanese representative office, Japan Institute of general staff: this time come to see you and thank you for these years of hard work, not of what you say, because we have a large number of documents, if you have to file what do not understand, I have to answer, do not limit any problems also, we are not afraid of sharp. Beijing trillion Lun: I heard that the recent establishment of an image lab in Japan, the laboratory needs what kind of talent? How large is the laboratory? What is the main contribution to the company’s business? Ren: I think the future of human society, the flow of information should be 90%~95% image, then how can we provide a platform to support the image? We first have to understand the image, the image of the future algorithm is what? What genes are there in the picture? I think that Japan is the world’s leading in the image, in the construction of tomorrow’s image system perspective, we along the existing genes, can solve the problem of the future? Of course, I speak not only is 4K TV, VR is not only a problem, we have more problems to be solved, we believe that Japan is a gene, and all of the world unite, we are likely to lead the world in image technology, of course, we are not going to do the image of products a TV set, and we do is to support the transfer platform for future image (Xu Zhijun: we talked about it in the morning, the establishment of the Institute is to support the Japanese image in intelligent mobile phone camera in the industry to do the best, including photography, image processing, image storage and image display process, image the Institute will do contribution). Xu Zhijun is talking about our minimum program, our highest program is to solve the problem of video algorithm. Jade Bo charge: Institute of Japanese Studies and Japanese local suppliers to establish a good relationship at the same time, also to the Chinese headquarters introduced some new technologies and new materials, spare parts, in the current global economic situation, in order to improve the value of the Japan Research Institute, chief hope to give us some suggestions, thank you. General: To study a lot of technology, materials and components together we cooperate with Japanese companies, we are not going to produce these things, we still hope to continue production by Japanese companies, integrated to sell to us, so that we and the Japanese society is no conflict and contradiction, but common development. We are mainly in the main channel to win, we also hope to share this victory with partners. Therefore, we will continue to expand the scope of the Research Institute in Japan, so that our company in the main channel in the world’s leading position. Just about Xu Zhijun started in the terminal image field, because we can’t start.相关的主题文章: