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Remember, a car wash car is carrying a father and son – Sohu []: vehicle car transaction models Chevrolet Cruze the 2011 SL World Edition AT mileage: 75 thousand and 500 km transfer registration date: 2011.12 times: 0 times the new car fare: 127 thousand and 900 yuan price: 61 thousand yuan Amoy car Advisor: small mushrooms [diary] Amoy car according to Mr. Lee described Amoy car hero, he is searching for "second-hand car valuation" on the Internet and found a fair price, only the first and the fair value of the opportunity of cooperation. What is this: Mr. Lee wanted to give his father to buy a second-hand car, as he daily transport. Mr. Lee chose to buy second-hand car in addition to the price factor, but also taking into account the second-hand car was scratched with respect to new car not so distressed, this is particularly important for saving in daily life for father. Although the value of second-hand car, second-hand car market, but now the water is too deep, you want to buy a second-hand car alone is safe and reliable, Mr Li asked not so high "road". So Lee intends to find a professional to help buy a second-hand car consultant. By comparing the number of platforms, Lee found a channel source of car fair more, and gathered all the platform to meet the conditions of the vehicle, the platform price can be flat, so that no longer turn switch between different platforms, especially convenient. In the face of many qualified car source, Mr. Li began to cast a circle, do not understand the condition in the case, Lee felt all the cars are the same. Therefore, Mr. Li call fair price customer service, their needs and concerns with the customer service staff, and then recommend the use of customer service Lee VIP car features. Mr. Li to download the fair value of APP, and in the "VIP Car Buying" channel fill in Car Buying budget of 6-7 million, with particular emphasis on the comparison of 408 marks and father love Chevrolet cruze. Small mushrooms in the car after receiving the needs of Mr. Lee began to help him wash the car trip. Soon the small mushrooms in the fair value of APP to find a 2012 2 tiptronic Roland Garros version of the Peugeot 408, the car is in very good condition, but the transfer of a large number of the original car prices are mainly high. Lee and car dealers after a long time of consultation did not reach a consensus, so Lee decided to give up the car. After the small mushrooms to persuade Lee, buy second-hand cars do not have to worry too much, there may be a better and more suitable for the back of the car waiting for him. Perhaps Mr Li has a lucky star guard, in the abandoned Peugeot second after 408 days, we can see a small mushroom shelves just in a fair price on the Chevrolet Cruze APP. I really want to what to what, in order to prevent the car let others immediately with the owners of small mushrooms The early bird catches, nice car about time and place, with Mr. Li, from Fengtai District to Changping District, all the way to not miss any opportunity. At the appointed place, the basic information of small mushrooms to the owners carefully about the car, and then began to view the vehicle condition and procedures. Found in the process of the vehicle in addition to no commercial insurance, a相关的主题文章: