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Railway corps of Dadu River valley deep in the memory: a bomb of a train station – Sichuan Channel – people.com.cn yixiantian bridge. The Dadu River Valley, is a very deep gorge, on both sides of a precipice, such as carving, painting in different poses and with different expressions, comparable to the Three Gorges Xiongjun scenery. It’s very beautiful, but also kept in purdah, little is known around the world." The evening of September 20th, held in Leshan City, Jinkouhe district "meet in big hill, Jinkouhe mountain quest" culture travel expert forum, found that the Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral engineers, Dadu River Canyon Fan Xiao recalled in 2005 for the Chinese ten most beautiful grand canyon is recommended language to write the Dadu River Grand canyon. The Dadu River Valley in Chinese "National Geographic" magazine’s ten most beautiful China Grand Canyon eighth. In September 20th, the reporter walked into the Dadu River Valley, found in the steep canyon, a museum built on mountains. The Grand Canyon in "a day" in September 20th, reporters from Jinkouhe district after River Bridge into the Dadu River Valley, I saw hundreds of meters wide river was sandwiched on both sides of the steep cliff, the Dadu river rapids rushing away. Dadu River Valley area of 500 square kilometers, East (East tip of mountain ranges, West Ridge Mountains 17 kilometers wide boat), South (South Ya’an Hanyuan County, north to the Leshan River, 26 km long Jinkouhe). Cliff stone layers. Fan Xiao said, these rocks is a flip through the pages of "geological mumbo-jumbo", recorded the evolution history of the Grand Canyon billion years. The white bear ditch, ditch old dark green gully gully of Dadu River Canyon on both sides of the deep, narrow slit like knife. Old Cang knife ax like groove on both sides of the cliff cliffs up to 200 metres high, the valley is only 20 meters wide, the narrowest 10 meters, at the bottom of the valley view day can only see the sky, people have a feeling of horror or gloomy trembling. In the white bear ditch, walked into the narrow canyon, water pearls oncoming, a waterfall drop from the clouds, "waterfalls three thousand feet, the suspect is the Milky Way fell nine days" feeling arise spontaneously. Fan Xiao said, the Dadu River from the Bayanhar rushing mountain peak, Huina meltwater, canyon track in the east of Hengduan Mountains to draw the collision ups and so grand and magnificent. A bomb of a train station "Guanyin Mountain" in the film, Fan Bingbing plays the southerly and two friends climbed up the train, to the world loudly. The train passed through a tunnel, and the wind blew Fan Bingbing’s hair, and their cries drifted through the darkness of the tunnel, in the sunlight…… This makes many people feel confused and assertive youth scene, the Dadu River Canyon area is taken from the Chengdu Kunming Railway to the ouse River Jinkou river. The total length of 21 km railway, of which there are more than 14 tunnels, accounting for more than 80% of the length of the line segment, but also to make this railway almost completely into the underground railway, and almost all connected between the bridge. Among them, the most famous tunnel is a long 6107 meters off the village dam tunnel. It is the first tunnel into the Chengdu Kunming railway line is also the second longest tunnel Jinkou River, Chengdu Kunming Railway line. In March 1965, guancunba tunnel created a single Yuecheng record hole 100 meters).相关的主题文章: