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Quanzhou school 18 basic parts of delayed start as scheduled class reporter learned from Quanzhou City Board of education, the typhoon "Meranti" impact, Quanzhou part of the county (city, district) buildings damaged in different degrees. Today, the Quanzhou city schools around the basic class schedule, part of the serious disaster area schools as the case to postpone the course. Schools that delay classes are mainly concentrated in Nanan town and Yongchun Lake town. Because the Nanan Hong Seto Township flooded serious honglaizhen township government to the flooded area unified disinfection for two days, 4 primary school, 1 middle schools, according to the unified arrangement of the township of honglaizhen closed for two days, all other school normal school. Closed schools are: new overseas Chinese school, Hong Lai Central Primary School, Hong Lai second primary school, Hong Lai third primary school, Xi Xia primary school. In addition, Yongchun lake ocean central primary school closed today for a day, tomorrow normal class. The County Education Bureau of Quanzhou city (city, district) Notice, especially in rural schools such as school electricity and water flooding situation, to do the cleaning and disinfection of safety protection and maintenance work, may delay classes, as determined by the local education department. It is reported that affected by the typhoon "Meranti" effect, the following disaster in Quanzhou schools: no casualties, buildings damaged to varying degrees, mainly concentrated in the glass, walls and other facilities damaged, trees lodging, water power and other aspects of the campus, the school in Nanan city and Yongchun County, more serious disaster, wall collapse. In addition, almost all the trees in the school were damaged in varying degrees. In September 16th, Quanzhou City Bureau of Education (Commission) leaders are divided into five groups, respectively, to guide directly under the relevant universities, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in post disaster recovery work inspection, supervision, and requirements of the school leadership team in the post office, command line, and actively organize forces to ensure this day before class returned to normal, to ensure teaching order normal. (reporter Guo Xiaobing correspondent Chen Huasen)

泉州学校18日基本如期上课 部分地区推迟开课   记者从泉州市教育局了解到,受台风“莫兰蒂”影响,泉州部分县(市、区)的校舍受到不同程度的破坏,今天泉州市各地各学校基本如期上课,部分灾情严重的地区学校视情况推迟开课。推迟上课的学校主要集中在南安市洪濑镇区和永春县湖洋镇。   因南安市洪濑镇区受淹严重,洪濑镇政府对镇区受淹区域统一消毒两天,镇区的1所中学、4所小学根据洪濑镇的统一布置停课两天,其他学校全部正常上课。停课学校分别为:新侨中学、洪濑中心小学、洪濑第二小学、洪濑第三小学、溪霞小学。   此外,永春县湖洋中心小学今天停课一天,明天正常上课。   泉州市教育局通知各县(市、区),各校特别是乡村学校如出现断水断电水淹情况,要做好消毒卫生清洁和安全防护维护等工作,可视情况推迟上课,具体由当地教育部门决定。   据悉,受此次台风“莫兰蒂”影响,泉州各学校的受灾情况如下:没有人员伤亡,校舍出现不同程度损坏,主要集中在玻璃、围墙等设施配套损坏、树木倒伏、校园积水断电等方面,南安市和永春县学校受灾较为严重,围墙出现坍塌。此外,几乎所有学校的树木均有不同程度的损坏。   9月16日,泉州市教育局(委)领导带队分五组,分别对市直有关高校、中小学、幼儿园灾后恢复工作进行检查、督促、指导,要求各学校领导班子在岗在位,一线指挥,积极组织力量,确保今天上课前基本恢复正常,确保教育教学秩序正常进行。(记者 郭晓冰 通讯员 陈华森)相关的主题文章: