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Pu Jinhui will be on the national conversation survey – Sohu news [Global Times correspondent in South Korea Wang Wei Global Times special correspondent Zeng Xin] of the 70% national support according to Yonhap news agency reported on 3, South Korean President Park Geun hye day nominated consulting agency directly under the president of the National Unification Council "Chairman Han Guangyu as secretary chief of Chong Wa Dae. The nomination of former congressman Xu Yuanqi as Chief Secretary of the Chong Wa Dae government. But the nomination was not supported by the opposition. On the same day, the South Korean court issued an arrest warrant for Cui Shunshi, and she was on the same day when the judge questioned the tears again. Members of the 74 year old Han Guangyu in the Kim Dae-jung administration had to mentor Committee Secretary for the Chong Wa Dae, and the New Millennium Democratic Party, etc.. In the 2012 presidential election, he joined the park campaign. The 65 year old Xu Yuanqi was born in the media industry, has worked in KBS TV, SBS TV and so on, after the term of the parliament of the eighteenth. After Pu Jinhui was elected president, he served as permanent member and vice chairman of the broadcasting commission. South Korean MBC television said 3 days, the opposition to President Park Geun hye day personnel arrangements and continue to require strong condemnation, park Geun Hye down. The common Democratic Party spokesman said on that day, in no case and Congress have announced the personnel nomination, indicating that there is no President Park Geun hye to give up power idea, the personnel nominated but is to change the current unfavorable situation of camouflage. The National Party of former leader is 1000 Pei said: "if the President Park Geun hye does not change the idea, it will only step down, hope park can learn from Rhee down process." The National Party of former leader Chul soo speaking in parliament, said: "now this case, if the President Park Geun hye does not step down can not solve". "Seoul economy" 3 reported that the ruling party is the "non Park faction" is to communicate with the opposition coalition, does not exclude the "inverted Park coalition". South Korea, "Central Daily" said 3 South Korean special inspection group is investigating the "Cui Shunshi" said on that day, a former Chong Wa Dae policy chief secretary An Zhongfan was arrested after an emergency statement: "the establishment of the Mir consortium and the consortium of K sports was performed according to the instructions of the Park, we will always report to the president and the consortium of fund raising discuss". An Zhongfan accused of pressure through the National Association of brokers to large enterprises, led by raising 77 billion 400 million won donation". Some analysts said that in view of safety related matters has admitted that Jong Park Geun hye, so the prosecution is necessary to carry out the judicial investigation of the president himself. South Korea, "Daily" reported on 3, the special inspection group official said on that day, the judicial investigation of President Park Geun hye isn’t impossible, the most realistic way of writing. The same day, the South Korean Ministry of justice Sir Jin Xianxiong said in parliament, President Park Geun hye know the seriousness of the grim, the Ministry of justice will according to the progress of the investigation, research survey of the necessity and feasibility of the president, the president will advise the investigation if necessary. Lee Myung-bak served as president, had received a written judicial investigation. Earlier, South Korean prosecutors and the Ministry of justice in the civil war, unless involved in committing treason, the president enjoys criminal prosecution.相关的主题文章: