Productivity cooperation for the benefit of Egypt’s economic development (China & world economy stab 3u8813

Production cooperation, benefit the development of the Egyptian economy (China? The world economy "stabilizer") – International – recently, in the Egyptian capital Cairo, 120 kilometers south of the city, built by Chinese Beni suef, national Power Grid Corp of the Egyptian EETC500 kV backbone network upgrade first stage project 3 a total of about 60 km line successfully completed. The span of 910 meters, 174.8 meters Takeo, refresh the Nile crossing transmission towers, the highest record for the longest span. Across the Nile power transmission construction scheme and technical standards Chinese tajan successfully landed in Egypt this ancient civilization on the land of Egypt production cooperation flower gorgeous bloom. Set up the China brand in January 21st this year, the national Chinese Power Grid Corp with Egyptian power and new energy ministry signed a project to upgrade renovation project in Egypt EETC500 kV backbone, which became the China and Egypt capacity cooperation under the framework of the first project was formally signed. State owned Power Grid Corp China Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is responsible for project survey and design, equipment supply and construction. Egyptian Ministry of electric power and new energy officials signed the contract, the Chinese team, said: This is our first cooperation with Chinese enterprises, you not only on behalf of the national grid, but also on behalf of all Chinese enterprises." Egypt is very urgent for the duration of the project, requiring the completion of the peak summer electricity, including 121 towers, including the construction of the 3 lines. China Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. Egypt Branch Manager Liu Guanghui said: "time is tight, we are determined to do this project well, in Egypt, the Chinese power companies started the brand!" The biggest difficulty in the construction of Egypt is the local hot weather. Usually, the temperature at noon can reach 40 degrees Celsius, while the surface temperature is more than 50 degrees Celsius, coupled with sun exposure, tower work is hard. But Chinese builders have not been intimidated by the difficulties, the morning temperature slightly low superiority, they get up at three or four in the morning to complete the construction, from the construction group tower, put on the line, more than 3 months, the 4 one hit a record high, the highest of Egypt in the power grid construction tower weight, cross river width the biggest and fastest tower construction group. See in such a short period of time, Chinese companies have made such a big progress in the project, the Egyptian counterparts have thumbs up, China’s power companies with real ability to get more recognition. The benefit of economic development in Egypt with Egyptian domestic political stabilization, economic development potential gradually. At present, the Egyptian national electric power installed capacity of about 33 million kilowatts, while the largest in North Africa and the Middle East, but the peak period still has 3 million kilowatts of power shortage, energy shortage has become the bottleneck of economic development. 500 thousand kV backbone upgrade project is currently the largest transmission line project in Egypt, with a total investment of $780 million. The project is located in the Nile Delta and south of the region, including the new 1210 km 500 thousand volt AC line with double circuit tower, after the completion of the project will greatly enhance the Nile Delta gas power station power output capacity, enhance the overall national power grid network) in Egypt相关的主题文章: