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"Princess disease" "bear Knight" identity exposure Princess – Sohu "entertainment gradually know true love dear princess disease" bear knighthood was found "dear princess disease" Mike, Zheng Chuyao PK MIKE in Yangyang comfort Sohu entertainment news in a fairy tale, the princess and the prince always happy life together, but in the hit video Sohu the "dear princess," but the disease Zoupian Jian Feng, the princess and the prince’s only daily noisy noisy, but contrary to the knight interactive sweet fried girl heart. This as directed, Qi Wei was appointed artistic director of Mike, Zhang Yuxi, Chen Bairong, Taixing, Du Yan starring the adorable love idol of so many users have said: "this drama is poisonous, see can’t stop!" In September 1st, "dear," Princess disease non member seventh sets will be on the line, the princess and the Knights of the play will be staged again. "The bear rider" is not the prince sixth seniors Zheng Chuyao (Chen Bairong ornaments) in the party public humiliation let Lin stars very sad, this adorable "warm bear rider" appears again, the princess home window holding a written statement encouraging sign, let Lin Princess moved, and wanted to know the "bear the knight’s true identity is her best to fight the Muppets caps off" bear Knight ", two people saw the princess fell to race each other, Lin" bear Knight "again hero, just bear head set also fell down, stay adorable Lin finally found the princess" bear Knight "is a river Nianyu rather than Yao the prince, in the face of such unexpected results, Lin Xingchen is very upset before he unknowingly made many people feel shameful, adorable and funny. Not love the princess prince love Knight chase drama buddies know, Lin’s mission is to catch up with the stars Yao the prince, complete the marriage between the two businesses, but the prince is everywhere this Yao Lin Lin always frustrated princess, let the stars. Relative to the prince’s outrageous, "the bear Knight" is a lot of Jiang Nianyu gentleman. Although the appearance of seemingly indifferent, but every time when she was sad or sad, he will appear, this contrast not only touched the girl’s heart, but also touched the heart of the princess. In the play, Lin stars puzzled to the headmaster Meng Xi uncle asked: "what is love?" In the interpretation of Meng Xi, she found that memories are related to Nianyu River, and Yangyang (Du Yanshi) on the river Nianyu on the shoulders of the picture also let wayward Princess first to feel the pain. Two people will therefore go on the road of misunderstanding? What will the princess Lin to "bear Knight" Jiang Nianyu now do? September 1st non members of the on-line "dear, Princess disease" seventh sets for you to answer the answer!   相关的主题文章: