Premier League – Lovren Henderson broke the halftime 0-2 Liverpool – Sohu

The premier Lovren Henderson Chelsea scored half temporary 0-2 Liverpool sports Sohu Beijing time on September 17th at 3 a.m., 2016-17 season England Football Super League in the fifth round of the first game in the Standford bridge, two missed the European team Chelsea and Liverpool catch on the athletic field, the first half of the match, lovren and Henderson respectively to help Liverpool to break Chelsea, the downturn in the first half, Liverpool 2-0 lead. Chelsea and Liverpool had a total of 48 talks in the Premier League, the blues record is 19 wins, 11 draws and 18 losses. In the event, two teams play 174 times, Chelsea 61 wins 38 flat 75 negative. The last time the two teams met in the 2015-16 Premier League thirtieth round, then a Zal and the Turk respectively break, teams drew 1-1. Conti and Cyclops are European marshal, but after two in the period of Juve and Dortmund have no dialogue, so this game, and the two passion boss the first time in the race. After the start of the season, Chelsea record is good, the last round of the case suffered a miscarriage of justice in the case of A Bing Swansea, but the team is still ranked second in the League of the. In Liverpool after the start in good condition, although there have been upset to lose, but they also beat Arsenal and Leicester city. Conti adopted before the start, just by David Lewis for the injured Terry, the Brazilian staged a return to Stamford Bridge after the first show, lovren fit into the first episode, Phil Mino is injured, Coutinho. The start of the game in first minutes, Klein received the right pass, Wijnaldum shot by Sturidge Courtois to resolve, then left at the edge of the area shot after shaking, Courtois dropped, but soon the ball under pressure in the body. Seventh minutes, azpilicueta pass in the left guard rescue out of Liverpool. Ninth minutes, Liverpool left out free kick, push lalana road. Thirteenth minutes, Klein pass was azpilicueta denied the bottom line, Henderson corner, Matic will continue to organize the ball out of Liverpool, Henderson shot up. Seventeenth minutes, Liverpool left kudiniao Xiezhuan area, after the former lovren plug Qiangdian break away at Liverpool 1-0, ahead of Chelsea, the Croatia defender broke the 64 Premiership goals. Twenty-fifth minutes, Liverpool quick counterattack, in the restricted area of the left side of the small angle shot shot. After 1 minutes, Ivan pass, Matic in the restricted area shot turned out, Lewis shot blocked again. Twenty-eighth minutes, Chelsea kick attack, Kanter periphery long-range crossbar. Thirty-first minutes, William right pass is blocked, the right corner, Lewis ball, Mineo Eli closed the ball out. Thirty-third minutes left, Chelsea won the free kick opportunity, William ball into the box, Lewis shakes the power is not being Mineo Eli. Thirty-sixth minutes, Chelsea again lost the ball, Cahill cleared away, Henderson outside the area of direct foot volley, Liverpool 2-0 get ahead on the road. Thirty-ninth minutes, William corner, Lewis shakes Leipzig higher. Forty-third minutes, Oscar restricted area)相关的主题文章: