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Premarital cohabitation is not good female premarital cohabitation is what psychological modern society with the improvement of people’s living standards, in addition to the material needs of the rich. The thought of people is more and more open, unmarried cohabitation people also will be more up, it can be said that this is a normal phenomenon in today’s society, cohabitation is both men and women for sexual needs in one thing together, then life from a psychological point of view to consider it, then what are the abnormal female premarital cohabitation psychology? The following is a detailed description of my friends! The pursuit of the so-called "new" approach to the expression of love: "conventional love is not complete. True love, should reflect the broad. Since I love him, I can give him anything." "Love should be given to those who are loved, why wait until marriage." "Already 90s, I didn’t mean to go full of silently conveyed tenderness, in the history of the front. In the pursuit of trendy psychological arrangements, they quickly into love from the first love, from the edge of sexual behavior back to the central sexual behavior. Fascinatedly hugging and kissing and caressing stimulate dynamic physiological instinct of the strong emotion, the reason has been difficult to resist. One study found that 44.67% of women had sexual relationships within six months, with about 50.33% of them performing, and about 80.33% of them thought it was personal. According to the standard of sex of our country, the sexual behavior of male and female during the love, the most intimate situation can only be kissing, cuddling, caressing, only in the context of the legal relationship between the maintenance of marriage, can produce sexual intercourse. Want to do "trendy" behavior is the lack of sense of obligation. [1] advocates a variety of sexual freedom ideas in recent years, with the influx of western culture and Chinese culture and the spread of impact has a very deep cultural accumulation of traditional moral. Some young people blindly advocating the western concept of sexual freedom, want to break through the so-called traditional moral sense of self is very strong. Some young women, said: we are facing the impact of the eight sides of the spring tide, and then rational women will feel confused." The music box has a moral to appease some of today’s young people do not believe conflict between soul and body pain, their sexual idea has and primal instinct to sign. Therefore, some girls think "that has been mature, so to satisfy your desire is physiological needs." Some said: "only the love of their own happiness on the line," and some say: "what is the fear of pregnancy, sex is not guilty," "women do not make a stream of people is not a complete woman." In the survey, 32.67% of women believe that "virginity is not very important," 19.7% basic after sexual intercourse does not matter, and said "it," etc.. The concept of change, and behavior change, when their love still does not know how to rationally control the life boat, was burned to collapse of itself, sexual behavior should not occur prematurely, some with her boyfriend occurred periodically, although some have been predicted to two people may not marry the ultimate however, the special relationship is different. Distorted sexual concept of twisted sexual behavior and can not be arranged, women’s health, resulting in "irresponsible"相关的主题文章: