Powerful word sister! Koala cartwheel athletic show-tsumori chisato

Powerful word sister! Koala koala athletic show cartwheel rollover as a diving champion, Tian Liang in the "where" daddy daddy go in the full range of children, but the diving base in the exhibition, he occasionally exposed off. This week’s "daddy go" koala show athleticism, cartwheel playing go, pretty neat action won consistent praise, it seems that Tian Liang is expected to have qualified successors, old driver shoutu. Koala koala is "Daddy where 4" in big sister, pretty sweet, have long legs invincible, but she did not give the public the small squeamish, cheerful sunshine, is a cool girl. The most rare is the heart is very good, the younger brothers and sisters who have to add their own breakfast to the younger brother of small bright, so that the koala harvest a small fan. However, the advantages like koala coffers, always keep out more light. In this program, the mayor told everyone in the village of left-behind children in need of care, love koala would erupt, volunteered to become a teacher raised, also said: "I have proficiency in a particular line to teach how to turn a somersault." The mayor asked, speak to turn over the koala. The wind up his hands to flip side, a series of actions done with neat, like a small koala swallow, skilled pose let a person look dumbfounded, showing amazing athleticism, won the praise of dads. However, a koala is not proud, tongue shy smile, simply adorable fried. Koala sister show pretty unique, small bright young but super loudly said "I do not!" It seems that Tian Liang is diving champion, and did not intend to let liangzai inherited his father, inherit the father sports ability and perfect Sen dish, not practicing diving, but in tennis.相关的主题文章: