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Police seized wonderful photos from the driver’s license: handwritten name "handwritten" driver’s license photography Wang Ruiyuan Title: Gejiu Yunnan police seized most wonderful photos from the handwritten name license Yunnan network (reporter Yang Zhihui) recently, Yunnan Gejiu police in the investigation of traffic violations, met a wonderful driver, driving card information was actually his "hand" to create the traffic police, said after seeing. Will the illegal altered motor vehicle driving license will be sentenced to 15 days detention, and impose severe penalties of 2000 to 5000 yuan. The evening of August 30th at 9:30 pm, Gejiu City Street intersection occurred a taxi collided with a motorcycle traffic accident. After receiving the alarm, an old police brigade accident squadron police rushed to the scene. Scene of the accident, a man sitting on the ground, next to a taxi parked, there is a motorcycle fell to the ground. Police asked the injured side, the scene of the investigation, while collecting evidence at the scene. Originally, the man sitting on the ground is the motorcycle driver, officer Chen asked if he had a driver’s license, he confidently answered loudly: "how could not, I have a driver’s license"! Immediately, took out a driver’s license to the police officer Chen, Chen police opened a look at the moment was Ray down. Originally, the "license" in the photo is my party, but a closer look found that the background is blue floor, and obviously artificial paste up, and the driver’s license the "shocking" place is two pages, deputy driver’s name is actually used to pen handwriting. Next can vaguely see the print ink Part is covered. In addition, the driver’s license was born in March 1986, the print part of the year, and the age of more than and 40 years old obviously inconsistent. In case the police repeatedly asked, he finally admitted that he picked up the driver’s license, names and photos are his own altered. The police log traffic management platform, driving license holders have been found on March 22, 2016 for the lost child. Cao pick up the holder of the certificate, in order to let you have a serious driving license, you will own names and photos were altered. Cao Moumou suspected of altering the motor vehicle driving license, will be sentenced to 15 days detention, and impose a fine of 5000 yuan – 2000, to detain the vehicle. Constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility, collection of altered driving license. Source: Yunnan network相关的主题文章: