Point of view to invest in the collection of Pu’er tea, first look at this article – Sohu eat and dr havd707

To view | investment Pu’er Tea, just take a look at this article – Sohu and money pie chart for 2003 | South Beauty Tea collection with Pu’er Tea and then gradually warming up the auction of some old Pu’er tea that is being continuously sold price, investment Pu’er Tea has become a hot point. The Pu investment is divided into 2 parts, one part is the early stage of the old tea trade investment; the other part is a new appreciation of the future investment transactions. The first is the early and middle aged tea, this part of the tea has been recognized by the market, as long as the value of its long-term storage in good storage will continue to appreciate. As the strength of the collectors will generally choose such Pu’er Tea as an investment object. Invest in the tea, if not professional Pu’er collectors or game player. Recommendations do not easily start. As the heat of the great benefits of Chinese cabbage series of old class Pu’er Tea, although the price has soared, but the market is flooded with fake inferior goods. While early Dayi tea is no anti-counterfeit labels, to distinguish true and false cakes only through printing details, tea appearance, aroma, taste, Yedi comprehensive judgment. As a non Pu’er collectors investors do not have the ability to identify, so be sure to consult the company or collection of Pu’er professionals. Figure for 2003 Dayi five general | South Beauty Tea ecological cake collection is the second part of Pu’er tea, the tea mainly refers not to the auction house or is likely to enter the field of auction Pu’er Tea. This part is the most Pu’er Tea Pu’er collectors target. Because this kind of Pu’er tea in the beginning of the general price is appropriate, but it may be a few years after the huge value. For example, Menghai tea factory in the restructuring before the launch of the 92 tiles (see the release of "Dong tea? Said this tea, 25 years skyrocketed to 16000 times") and 001002301 batches of 7542. At that time, the factory price is not more than 10 yuan, and now the market price is different according to the warehouse, the price of a brick ranging from 500060008000. However, not all the tea after a certain year and good storage would become investment goods. This Pu’er Tea throw to the taste, the origin factors of accident, must also have the following points: 92, | Figure 1, South Beauty Tea collection must be a lot of people are exposed to drinking pu’er. Good tea is a drink, a tea factory, unless the famous, famous custom. If you want to become an investment product, must be approved by the vast majority of people, the process of accreditation is the process of tea. 2, must have good raw materials and have good storage. The secret of Pu’er tea lies in the different collocation and collocation of the multi-level taste, as well as the characteristics of the changes in the flavor of the years. This requires Pu’er Tea during storage must not have any mildew, that is not through the wet store. 3, must be rare to expensive. A by auction and trading of Pu’er must have no quantity too big. Pu’er tea can have a lot of factory, but with the daily consumption in the process of being recognized by everyone, and gradually become scarce eventually become an investment product. Assuming 001 batches of 7542 to now also.相关的主题文章: