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Press-Releases NORMAN, OK – Premier podiatrist in Oklahoma City, Norman and Edmond areas, Dr. Ahmed Buksh, is pleased to announce that his practice now offers Evenup. Small differences in leg length, whether natural or caused by wearing an orthopedic boot after Norman foot surgery, can cause severe pain for patients. Developed by foot and ankle specialists, Evenup is an effective way to help patients suffering from hip and back pain while recovering from an injury or surgery in an orthopedic boot or wound healing shoe. Patients often dread the thought of wearing an orthopedic shoe after Oklahoma City foot surgery because of the unevenness offered, but Evenup allows this difference to be eliminated making recovery more convenient and comfortable. "Often, after foot surgery, patients need to wear an orthopedic boot in order for their foot to heal properly, but that is not always a comfortable option. I am happy to offer Evenup for my patients in order to provide them with the highest level of comfort they need to heal successfully and painlessly," said Dr. Scott Vantre, Edmond, Norman and Oklahoma City podiatrist. In addition to offering Evenup to relieve patient discomfort after Edmond, Oklahoma City and Norman foot surgery, patients can visit the practice’s innovative website for valuable educational information on foot and ankle health care. The website for this Norman podiatrist provides patients with an educational library containing valuable information about an array of podiatric topics such as treatments and ailments. Patients can simply visit the practice’s website to access important information regarding their foot and ankle health. When patients have a question on their ailment they can visit the educational library and search for symptoms or a problem they may be experiencing such as Edmond heel pain, foot surgery or neuroma. When patients are looking for a podiatrist in Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities, they want a foot specialist that is gentle and experienced. Patients will get this level of trust and quality from Dr. Buksh and the professional staff at his office. By offering Evenup at the practice’s office, it accentuates the practice’s commitment to quality foot and ankle care in Oklahoma City, Norman and Edmond. About Dr. Ahmed Buksh: Dr. Ahmed Buksh, an Edmond and Norman podiatrist is board certified in podiatric medicine and podiatric surgery. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Oklahoma and his Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine from Barry University in Miami, Florida. Providing the best in quality care for his patients, Dr. Ahmed Buksh offers a wide range of procedures and treatments including diabetic foot conditions, neuromas, heel pain and Edmond foot surgery, among several other services. Media Contact: Dr. Ahmed Buksh [email protected] [dot]com 1006 24th Ave, NW, Suite 110 Norman, OK 73072 (405) 321-6984 ..bukshfootandankle[dot]. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: