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Picture story, General Secretary Xi said: "there are no heads of students – Politics – People’s network of Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Peng, Yao Dawei, the Xinhua News Agency reporters Huo Xiaoguang and Zhang Xiaosong in the thirty-second teachers’ day, the 9 day morning, general secretary Xi Jinping came to the city of Beijing Bayi school teachers and students to visit the holiday greetings to our teachers and educators. Bayi school is the predecessor of Marshal Nie Rongzhen in 1947 in Hebei Fuping created Rongzhen school for children. Xi Jinping used to spend time in primary and junior high school. He is from here after graduating from junior high school to Liang Jia in Yanchuan County, in the queue, have experienced all the hardships in the environment through long-term experience. In 50s the school gate (Bayi school for map) in primary school classrooms (Bayi school for map) in 50s show last century campus layout panels before the general secretary stopped to watch carefully. He pointed to the panel said, here is the hall, which is the restaurant, this is the dormitory I lived…… General secretary: "it is moved by sight of childhood." Founded in 1952, the original school auditorium (Bayi school for map) now the Auditorium Building (Rongzhen Bayi school for map) to visit history exhibition, Xi Jinping saw his student file, and old photos of teachers and students. Familiar to the general secretary speaking many teachers and students name, tells the story of a pile of interesting things. This precious photo was taken in March 1, 1979. Xi Jinping went back to the school and the teachers and students to participate in the celebration of the 32 anniversary celebration activities. (Bayi school for map) for a long time now, and went back to his alma mater, Xi Jinping, asked while walking to see Yi, said: "I miss those days. No matter where you go, I will miss his alma mater, keep in touch with his alma mater." In 1992, the Fuzhou municipal Party committee secretary Xi Jinping, sent a congratulatory letter to the school 45 anniversary. A retired teacher of Bayi school is now happy to see them today seventy years of age, the year students, Xi Jinping. Teachers and students to meet exceptionally excited. Xi Jinping shook hands with several teachers, such as Chen Zhonghan, and so on, happy memories of the past, but also talk about the current situation of other teachers, students, and so on. Xi Jinping said, to see the spirit of teachers so good, I am particularly happy. When the teacher is very strict with us, and now in retrospect, lifelong benefit. A teacher can not help but to the general secretary, said: you always have a school in mind, loaded with a teacher, loaded with students." Another teacher said, "you have brought happiness to the people." Xi Jinping replied, "the teacher has trained us." At the same time with the teachers and students, the school president Shen Jun first speech, he said, welcome back to his alma mater. Xi Jinping said: "there will be no head, are students." The audience burst into applause. Bayi school today, has become a modern history of schools. Xi Jinping examines the features of the school education, he went into the laboratory building, came to the science classroom and small satellite Bayi School of Aerospace Science and technology group Chinese Aerospace Talents Development Exchange Center jointly organized, carefully watch the students being developed China’s first middle school)相关的主题文章: