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Peter because of the "family status" not to attend the "time travel" red carpet Peter "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on September 27th (author: THR Staff) since last week by his wife Angelina · Julie sued for divorce, Brad · Peter "family status" as an excuse to cancel his · in the Terrence Malik film "; time travel" (Voyage of Time) premiere red carpet. Terrence · Malik’s "time travel" is a documentary film, tells the story of the birth of the universe, the earth and the origin of Brad · and Kate Blanchett; Peter · narrate in the film. For children and their families, Terrence · the time of the journey of the is a very beautiful, unique experience of the IMAX film, the film records the birth of time." Peter said in a statement released by the media. He said in a statement: "to be able to participate in the relay to write such a fascinating and full of educational video. It makes me grateful, but I have to deal with some of the family now, so I don’t want to cause the unique film is scattered attention, I hope we are going to the cinema to see the film." In addition to the "journey of time", Terrence · in 2011, also directed the · Pitt starring "the tree of life" (The Tree of Life). A week ago, Pete fell in love for 12 years, two years of marriage Julie sued for divorce, Julie’s agent Robert · said the divorce; ofer, "for family health". (Translation: Dudu) Tencent news client mobile phone new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around! The 10 year long lost 2 years of marriage, Peter Julie really divorced相关的主题文章: