People’s Daily the South China Sea is peaceful and stable do not let the wanton mess —

People’s Daily: the South China Sea is peaceful and stable   do not let the wanton mess — Hainan channel, Chinese will not allow the United States in the South China Sea (Bell) by the United States, wanton frivolous hegemonic thinking driven, brush out of a sense of presence in the Asia Pacific region. Making trouble, stir up enmity will only accelerate the decline of international influence in October 21st, the U.S. Navy destroyer Decatur "entered the territorial waters of Xisha China. The Chinese government has expressed its firm opposition to the US venture and has taken a series of effective countermeasures. As early as May 1996, the Chinese government announced the "Declaration on the baselines of the territorial sea," clearly announced the baseline of the territorial waters of Paracel Islands. According to the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China territorial sea and the contiguous zone law" and relevant international law, foreign warships into the territorial waters must be approved by the government China Chinese. The United States warships without the approval of the Chinese side without authorization into the Chinese territorial waters, a serious violation of Chinese sovereignty and security interests, a serious violation of Chinese related laws and international law, undermine the waters of peace, security and good order. The United States to "freedom of navigation" in the name of infringement provocation coastal state sovereignty and security and maritime rights and interests, once again exposed the negative energy of the United States to return to Asia strategy, highlighting the United States in the South China Sea issue "troublemakers" role. The United States called the cruise, when President Duthel Te’s visit to China, Philippines, China and the United States to restore a comprehensive relationship between the two countries signed a series of cooperation agreements. The new momentum in the Chinese with relevant countries to improve relations, and properly solve the South China Sea issue of encouraging the occasion, the United States sent warships to Chinese territorial waters to pick something, prove that the United States for a long time in the South China Sea issue deliberately create and render the destructive effect of tension. This clearly shows that the United States can not see the sea calmed down, can not tolerate the situation in the region is stable, if not who help it here to Washington will flustered yourself out to make trouble. "China has a good relationship with us, and the United States is a bit anxious." Duthel Te said in a speech in China, this sentence will help people see the complex mentality behind the u.s.. To stir up trouble as a means to show his arrogance, is depressed in the heart of anger, but also the inertia of hegemony. Don’t know whether he has been aware of the United States, it is the decline in the U.S. hegemony inertial acceleration has international influence, let us become more and more difficult to provide positive energy public products. No matter whether Washington has had the courage to admit that tell lies tensions, and set up a camp to let himself comfortably when the time has passed. No one wants to weaken the influence of the United States in the Asia Pacific region, the problem is that this influence can only be actively involved in the promotion of regional and common development. The old hegemonic thinking is incompatible with the common aspiration of regional countries for peace, cooperation and development. Everyone knows, the United States played for the so-called rule of law under the banner of freedom of navigation but is palpable lies it pursues, but it is absolutely safe to maintain their own freedom". What is the result of its coveted absolute security, the United States will not remember. The United States to pay for their own arrogance and ignorance相关的主题文章: