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"People in the name of" Lu Yi Fengyi Zhang’s first exposure notice Biao play Sina entertainment news contemporary realism creation, written by Zhou Meisen Eru’s opera "the name of the people" today for the first time all star trailer, the show in early June this year in Beijing after fixing will enter the intense post production stage. Drama "bones" play "return" is the name of the people of Zhou Meisen following the "loyalty" "absolute power" and other classic works of the audience for having heard it many times again after its creation of realism masterpiece, initiated by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and give guidance throughout the film and television center. Screenwriter Zhou Meisen grand narrative ability and director Eru is good at life reduction style by combining the original realism works both atmospheric pattern and full of ups and downs of the majestic, exquisite worth pondering, it is full of expectations. In today’s fantasy, network IP, a small meat popular TV market, the creation of realistic themes, especially serious drama themes need more courage and responsibility. Total producer and director Eru said, making a temperature and depth of the works, need to have to face the reality and the times of the bones and play, the creation process of the true reproduction, discretion and characterization, the difficulty is not small, but he believes that this is precisely why they are fond of realistic themes., "a realistic work well is the key, extremely elegant and valuable". Recent market realism presents a warming trend, it is clear that both the industry and the audience want to see the real life can reflect the positive energy of TV drama. Xicco collective Biao play cited the people looking "the name of the people" since early film will cause concern, in the release of the trailer Lu Yi [micro-blog], Fengyi Zhang, Wu Gang, Xu Yajun, Hu Jing [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Ke Lan, [micro-blog], Kaili Zhang, Yong Hou, Bai Zhidi, Yalin Gao [micro-blog] [micro-blog Feng Lei], [micro-blog], Li Jianyi, Li Guangfu, Haifeng Ding, Ziqi Zhao [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Zhang Lin [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Yue Xiuqing, Tao Huimin, Wang Liyun and many other opera actors have a glimpse of bone level, people shouted look bright stars. Eru said that he and the team in half a year preparatory period, after countless confirm a "all through the night, the four beams eight columns", was finalized the characters with two walls. For the all star team collocation, director Eru has his own paranoid insistence, he believes that this is a very typical images of the scene, every character is complex, three-dimensional, and these actors are all acting play, time to surprise people, each other in the interaction of a very precious. The drama is still tense in the post production process, it is reported that the work has been completed, is expected to meet with the audience at the beginning of next year. (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: