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Identity-Theft The state of Pennsylvania has an online system that manages the Pennsylvania arrest records. This system is called Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History. The local residents of Pennsylvania have the freedom to access the Public Criminal Records of the state. The criminal reports of Pennsylvania which also includes the arrest records are stored and managed by the Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History. All of the request for any criminal record can be done with the use of the system. With this, the search is a lot more convenient and hassle free for both the government staff and the one who filed the request. Originally, in getting an arrest record, one has to go to the correct branch of the government to be able to do so. If not, further delay may be experienced. This method of retrieval can take a while. It can take one day to file the retrieval and another 14 days to wait for to results of the search. This long wait time can be avoided when the search is made through the Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History system. A lot of information can be obtained from a copy of a Pennsylvania arrest record. The document focuses on the details of the arrest. Such information includes the full name of the reported individual as well as his/her personal details. This includes the date and place of the person’s birth together with the residence address. The document is not complete without the arrest details and this includes the place and the time when the person was arrested. The manner of how the arrest took place is also indicated on the record. One will also find all of the crimes and offenses that the individual has been reported for. Further details about the document include the names of the people who were involved in the incident. The identity of the witness and the one who is in charge of the case remain private and confidential to secure them from any threats. A processing fee of only $10 has to be paid when requesting for a copy of such document through the state’s database. Anybody can use the system; however, residents of Pennsylvania can only request for their personal file, otherwise, an authorization letter has to be presented. Organizations, business, agencies and other individuals who have the authority can easily access the records of another person. Since everything is made online with the Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History, the search can be hastened. Even private owned websites are connected to this database to help deliver information to the public. Residents can easily obtain a copy of an arrest record by paying for the processing fee. However, a search for an arrest records free from any fees is also possible by taking advantage of the offer given by some websites to promote their services. Residents of Pennsylvania would pay for the search to ensure that they only get quality results. The results obtained from a paid search are ready to be used for any purpose. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: