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Peake: Real Madrid C Ronaldo domineering face cheating? Come and see my title as Sohu sports C Ronaldo Peake: domineering face come I win as   C Ronaldo has won the 2016 European Footballer of the year, and in the day before and after his prize, Peake was repeatedly bombarded by Real Madrid, ironically the UEFA Champions League to take care of it. C Luo Ze is the public display of his European golden globe trophy, responded in an interview with Peake, Barcelona Tiewei let take a look at your honor book. In an interview, a reporter asked Peake irony Real Madrid event, C Ronaldo direct domineering retorted: "I didn’t what to say, I can only tell Peake, go see my face book, my twitter, my INS, I in these platforms are drying out a photo." What is the C rib finger photos? After obtaining the best player in Europe, C Ronaldo put the trophy to hold Valdebebas Sports City, and all the players posed for pictures. On their own INS, C Luo wrote: "thank you all for your support, thank you for helping me win this honor, I am very happy, I want to get more." C Luo is also working to do rehabilitation training, Real Madrid to make C Luo comeback in September 10th the league, nor the Portugal national team coach C called Luo participated in the world cup. But now C Luo did not relax, he has been able to run on the sidelines and ball training. In the gym, C Luo himself holding a yoga ball, ankle and neck hanging between an elastic rope, although there is no competition in the future task, but C Luo did not relax. (Bourbon)相关的主题文章: