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Software STAT MedServices EMR 1.1 is ONC-OCTA Certified electronic health records in outpatient settings. DataNet Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution facilitates the transition from paper to electronic health records. We offer complete electronic medical records (EMR)solution that is easy to use with a fully integrated management exercise medicine and patient portal solution. Through the patient portal, patients can securely access their medical records, see test results, pay bills, and schedule appointments from anywhere,anytime via the Internet. When you choose MedServices STAT EHR software, not just get the software that transforms your patient records to electronic health records. You get a complete solution with a powerful range of functions that allow immediate access to patient information and decision making advanced tools. STAT MedServices provides complete access remote data from outpatients with IPAD. Updating the display notes and to capture laboratory responsible forcoordinating and administrative functions. Integrated Software medical billing software and electronic medical records STAT MedServices EHR , EMR and PMS solutions: MedServices STAT provides software solutions for the healthcare industry. Our medical management software practice is a state-of-the-art, integrated software medical billing and scheduling software designed for medical appointments and health practices suppliers, management of health groups and medical services billing. The STAT MedServices medical billing software is available in versions designed to meet the needs of general practitioners, specialist physicians and group practices.Practice management software Medical PracticesOur medical practice management software is designed to meet the medical billing and claims submission requirements of most medical practices. Electronic medical records software (EMR) for automated patient documentation our software Electronic medical records (EMR) is easy to use, feature rich and easy to customize to meet the needs of your practice documentation.STAT MedServices meets all Stage 1 meaningful use mandate and optional criteria. Contact us for a free demonstration of electronic health records software , practice management software , medical billing software and electronic medical records software . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: