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Parents love the woman home 10 years home block found was declared dead in original title: Women’s home was declared dead in home v. revocation of Beijing morning news (reporter Huang Xiaoyu) because of their older parents stop and nearly 10 year old to marry her boyfriend, 23 year old Liu left home, without hearing a word about this. Parents looking for years failed, helpless to court for a declaration of the death of her daughter. 10 years later, her daughter suddenly came home, in that he had been killed, sued to court to revoke the declaration of death. Recently, the Tongzhou court accepted the case. The Plaintiff alleged that in 2006, Ms. Liu, who lives in Tongzhou with her foreign man Lee fell in love, and intend to marry with Mr. lee. Due to concerns about the abduction to the field, and Mr. Li than Ms. Liu in nearly 10 years, Ms. Liu’s parents strongly opposed the marriage. However, immersed in love Liu did not listen to the advice of their parents, insisted on marriage with Mr. lee. To this end, Liu repeatedly quarrel with their parents, and a fierce conflict, young Liu angrily ran away. Just half a month away from home, Ms. Liu also contact with their families, and later contact less, the last Liu simply do not contact with their parents. Lost contact with her daughter, Ms. Liu’s parents anxious, looking around, but still no results. In desperation, October 2012, Ms. Liu’s parents reported to the police, the police looking unsuccessfully for several days. Looking back to her daughter’s slim hope, in 2014 Liu’s father went to court to declare the death of her daughter. The court notice to find Ms. Liu failed, Ms. Liu made a declaration of death sentence. However, with the passage of time, Ms. Liu and Mr. Lee’s feelings slowly faded down, the two eventually failed to come together. Uncontrollable homesickness Liu chose in this home. However, after arriving home, Liu learned that he had been declared dead, life is extremely inconvenient. So, Ms. Liu to the court for revocation of the declaration of death.相关的主题文章: