Pacquiao to publicly apologize to the gay community against gay

Pacquiao to publicly apologize to the gay community against gay marriage Pacquiao sina sports Out of the mouth comes evil! Philippines champion Pacquiao gay discrimination words will he into the vortex of public opinion. The 37 year old Pacquiao quickly through social media to get an apology, forgive the gay community. Yesterday, the Associated Press reported the improper speech Pacquiao participated in the Philippine Senate campaign against gay. Pacquiao on Monday in the Senate on the television, stunned the world: "the difference between animal than clear gay men and women." This speech was gay people retort. After Pacquiao apologized screenshots to calm down, Pacquiao realized that his words, he said he was not homophobic, also revealed that even their friends and family, including his nephew is gay, he simply does not support this behavior. However, Pacquiao realized that this speech is improper, also apologized, through social media face book he said, I have compared with animal homosexuality is wrong, say "sorry" to those who have been hurt, please forgive me. But I still insist on my belief, I oppose gay marriage, but I do not condemn homosexuality. I love you all, God bless you, I pray for you. (New)

帕奎奥向同性恋群体公开道歉 坚持反对同性婚姻 帕奎奥   新浪体育讯  祸从口出!菲律宾拳王帕奎奥歧视同性恋的话语将他推向舆论漩涡。37岁的帕奎奥迅速通过社交媒体道歉,希望得到同性恋群体的原谅。   昨日,美联社报道了帕奎奥在参加菲律宾参议院竞选时歧视同性恋的不当言语。帕奎奥在本周一的参议院竞选上通过电视台直播,语出惊人:“动物都比同性恋清楚男性和女性的区别。”这一言论遭到同性恋人士的反驳。 帕奎奥道歉截屏   冷静下来之后,帕奎奥认识到自己的失言,他表示自己并非歧视同性恋,还透露就连自己的亲朋好友,包括侄子也是同性恋,他只是单纯的不支持这种行为。不过,帕奎奥意识到这一言论的不当,也通过社交媒体脸书进行了道歉,他表示,我拿动物与同性恋相比较不对,对那些受到伤害的人说声“对不起”,请你们原谅我。但是我依然坚持我的信念,我反对同性婚姻,但我不会谴责同性恋。我爱你们所有的人,上帝保佑你们,我为你们祈祷。   (新体)相关的主题文章: