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Small Business PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is one of the most widely and .monly used thermoplastic polymers in the entire world. PVC pipes are used for industrial as well as domestic purposes. These pipes have a great number of advantages so it is considered the best choice for piping purposes. The B.F Goodrich .pany was the first .pany to develop PVC pipes , ninety years back but it was not as handy as it is today. It had a number of limitations but as time passed these pipes underwent several changes. And today it is one of the famous and versatile products in the world. Basic Advantages of Using PVC Pipes The PVC pipes are used in many fields ranging from domestic to industrial purposes mainly because it possesses many qualities. .pared to other materials these pipes are tough and resilient, environment friendly, non-corrosive, heat resistant, chemical resistant, non- conductive and so forth. * Resilient and tough: these pipes are light weighted and therefore are quiet flexible. It does not break under pressure and is used for underground applications. It is used in most of the construction sites as it is safe unlike the other materials which shatter when dropped. * Heat resistant: PVC pipes are resistant to heat and thermal conductivity. These pipes seldom catch fire and it is used in various insulation applications. No harmful fumes are produced from these pipes unlike other plastic products. * Eco-friendly: PVC resin is made of salt which is an abundant material and can be recycled any number of times. These pipes are durable and last for quiet a long period of time. Moreover, a large number of pipes can be transported at one time as the pipes are light-weighted and easy to carry. * Non Corrosion: these pipes are resistant to corrosion and thus guarantee pure water flow. For this reason it is most preferred for home appliances as it supports smooth flow of water as well as sewage. These pipes seldom get clogged due to its smooth surface. * Chemical resistant: these pipes are resistant to chemical reactions and so it is widely used in agricultural sectors where it is exposed to fertilizers, soil, varied climatic conditions and harmful chemicals. The use of acids does not destroy these pipes as it is non-conductive. * Lesser replacement: the PVC pipes do not corrode as the metal pipes and so require replacement only after 7 or more years. It is also used to cover metal pipes as it is heat and chemical resistant. The Wide and Varied Uses of PVC Pipes Due to its multifaceted properties, these pipes are used for many purposes. There are different types of pipe connections which can be availed from the PVC pipe manufacturers in the online stores. The threaded ends, .bination ends and the plain ends are some of the connections available among these pipes. Most of the people prefer to use these pipes as it is cost efficient and cheaper .pared to metallic pipes. 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