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Basic Concepts About Remote Communication In Software Testing Posted By: QATestLab Today, in the age of high technology, we can observe an incredibly rapid development of all sectors of Economy, Business and other substantial areas, but the most rapid growing industry is Information Technology. The expression "time is money" has never been so important, because the timely provided and processed information becomes increasingly significant. Nowadays an outsourcing software testing has reached a great popularity. This kind of quality assurance services implies a transfer of the project for testing to a group of testers outside the company, which created and developed the software. Frequently outsourcing testing companies work in another city, country or even on another continent, i.e. remotely. Customers applying to such a company naturally expect from its staff the knowledgeable and professional ownership of technologies that will support communication at a distance. This is due to the fact that during the testing process it will certainly be necessary to conduct online meetings, video chats, and perhaps even online conferences devoted to discussion of the project, emerging issues and controversial moments. The complexity of remote communication is that the testing team, customers and developers can be in radically opposite or significantly distant from each other countries.

software testing company Offshore Software Testing Company Is On Demand Posted By: Hampry Cost diminishment and increment in productivity impel engineers to outsource testing and QA jobs to an offshore software testing company. Probably outsourcing has offered focal points as of an opportunity time for center business, better gainfulness, control over resources, methodology streamlining, cheap labor, and quality ability. Nonetheless, discovering the most suitable company for outsourcing prerequisites has turned into a troublesome errand. What does software Analysis Company Precisely do? There are parcel of organizations that have developed recently, keeping in mind the end goal to check the quality and working of the software’s that are created. Analysis is the second venture after an app or system is produced by masters. Outsourcing potential has brought about development of various organizations offering administrations and an organization with them guarantees various profits. They make tall claims and guarantee to convey to desires. This calls for watchful determination of a software testing company. The accompanying are essential focuses to consider while selecting software testing and Quality Assurance Testing merchants. Infrastructure and Resources Infrastructure is as critical as demonstrated skill. Verify the picked company is enough prepared to execute your errand. No client desires can be successfully fulfilled without sufficient specialized and human resources to back.

Quality Assurance Testing Posted By: Hampry Functional Testing actually involves mainly the identification of functions that a particular software is expected to perform. It is the specification of the functions and the creation of the input data based on the same. Similarly it involves the identification of output data based on the specification of the function. Then it involves the execution of the test case itself. Finally it involves the comparison of actual and the expected outputs for checking the stability of the application. It is a type of software testing wherein the system testing happens against the functional specifications. In this testing the results of processing are of prime importance. Black box testing is used in the same where the internal logic of the system which is tested is known to the tester. The techniques which are used for functional testing are usually specification based. It can be done from two perspectives namely requirement based and business-process based. It is considered as a best thing to consider Outsourcing software testing to a software testing company.

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software testing company The Significance Of Smoke Testing In Software Development And Testing Process Posted By: QATestLab Present-day application development and testing are a complex sophisticated process, demanding careful planning, much time and labor contribution. Many techniques, methods, procedures and appurtenances were elaborated in order to streamline this process. Automation of software builds compilation, smoke testing and regression testing are among them. A new build is usually created ones a day. The process of automated build creation is often set up at the end of a working day and a new build is ready in the next morning. Automated build creation does not require human assistance if everything goes as it should. If something goes wrong the process stops and the messages informing about the problems are sent to the responsible people. It is very important to eliminate the errors as soon as possible and to proceed the compilation. When the defects are corrected, the process restarts from the relevant place. Such Automated Creation of Builds Often Involves 3 Procedures: 1. Compilation of an application build. Compilation of a software new build is complex, time and labor consuming process. That is why it is in most cases automated and is performed after office hours. 2. Smoke testing of the created build.

software testing company How To Perform Comparison Of Software Versions? Posted By: QATestLab Any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing involves many different testing activities. It may be necessary to compare various versions of an application. Usually test results of the previous software version are compared with the results of the latest version. Sometimes the parallels are drawn between more than two versions. As most modern applications are big and sophisticated the process of versions comparison is often automated. It is quit difficult task to automate software versions comparison. Off-the-shelf tools may not be compatible with all the system versions and elements of their environments. It takes much resource and time to elaborate custom instruments for the each version under test. A good solution for such problem is application of test-tool adapters. They enable using the same tool for all the software versions. A test-tool adapter adjusts an application to the instrument, so there will be needed an adapter for each version. Automated testing is usually applied to the back-end of the system, to its code. A software testing company affirms that it is hard and unprofitable to automate user interface testing. Automation of such testing activities has a high risk of reporting false positives and low processing rate.

software testing company To Build Or To Buy Test Harness? How To Make A Right Decision? Posted By: QATestLab Automation of any testing process is quite a difficult task. It requires careful consideration of all the project details. Often a software testing company faces a dilemma: is it better to buy ready automated tools or to create the special tools for the software. It may happen that a software testing company automated half of the process utilizing a standard record-and-playback instrument and then it turned that the instrument is unsuitable to create necessary test coverage of the project. So, it is necessary additionally to elaborate more matched tool in order to check the system appropriately. In view of the described situation it may seem that it is always better to develop customized programs for automated testing. But elaborating a program from the ground up often appears to be more costly than to buy an off the shelf one. One should also take into account the expenses on the tool testing and maintenance. So, each particular situation must be thoroughly thought out and evaluated before arriving at a decision. Nevertheless In Some Cases It Is Recommended To Develop Customized Instruments: 1.

software testing company 4 Issues Helping To Plan Testing Process Appropriately Posted By: QATestLab Test planning is one of the most essential parts of any mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing. It demands substantial preparatory works and collecting a lot of information about the project. Software testing company may start planning the process as soon as requirements specifications and general information about system structure is available. If the project is big and complex, consisting of many modules with sophisticated relationships it may by quit a difficult thing to elaborate suitable strategy and plan. Answering the Next Questions Can Help to Plan Testing Process: 1. What data are necessary for the process? It is essential to select necessary data. If test data are wrong or insufficient serious software bugs may by overlooked. If there are a lot of unnecessary data the process may miss the deadline and exceed budget limits. 2. What Is It Better to Apply: Black-box Testing or Grey-box Testing? Utilizing only user interface when checking the system is called black-box testing. It is exploring the software from the point of view of an ordinary user, without considering the system back-end. Conducting black-box testing one can judge about the system behavior basing only on the user interface messages.

software testing company Key Aspects Of Mobile Application Testing Posted By: QATestLab Mobile application testing is one of the most popular types of software testing.Software testing company offers mobile application testing services to simplify the testing needs of application developers and service providers. There are different kinds of mobile applications (web applications, platform applications, SMS, mobile websites). Web applications are the most acceptable as mobile web browser is an application that sends content to the mobile device. Platform applications development is rather simple but their supporting and testing are very costly. SMS is the most simply type of application, testbased and have limitations of the message content. Mobile websites are considered to be the source of simple and accurate information. To provide mobile application testing testers use hundreds of mobile devices and providers to significantly increase the quality of software products and services. Types of Mobile Application Testing: Functional testing; Performance testing; Memory leakage testing; Interrupt testing; Usability testing; Installation testing; Laboratory testing. Functional testing presupposes checking whether the software meets the stated requirements and specifications and is able to satisfy the user demands and expectations. It holds the key position in the process of developed software products QA. Performance testing.

software testing company How To Force Organization Challenges In Software Testing Company? Posted By: QATestLab Many software companies dislike making challenges in their lifestyle, but often testers have a feeling that things are going wrong. Usually they cannot trigger any change in software testing company. Another problem is that often top managers have not budget for changes. Some software companies tried to make them, but it did not work. 5 reasons, why changes in software testing company are easier said than done: Top managers do not have time to make changes. Workers are not ready to obtain their skills learn something new. Company cannot make any changes due to government regulations. Director prevents any change in the workflow of the company. A change would have impact on different parts of the organization. The company is not ready for it. Changes are very important for any organization, not only for software testing company, because, without change, businesses would lose it main competitive advantage. Firms can fail to meet the requirements of what most hope to be a rising base of loyal clients. Often challenges bring new opportunities and benefits to the firm.

software testing company Security Testing Overview Posted By: QATestLab With the development of modern technology, security became especially important in online applications. But why is so little attention is paid to it? Online security risk became really great; it is the primary risk for business. That is why security testing spins up and developers who want their customers to work secure with their applications, make a request to software testing company for security testing. Business critical applications are accessible online 24/7 for partners and users. So as far as you understand such continuous availability opens floodgates for bot customer and hacker. But what is it possible to do in such situation? There are different modes of attacks used by hackers, but the most widely used is cross-site scripting (XSS). How does it work? A hacker damages script code. The browser processes this web site including a harmful code and then site sends login information in return. Even though most companies take security seriously, still hackers can do number of successful attacks. Have you heard that almost 80 percent of all hacker attacks take place not via the network but via the application?

software testing company Load Testing: Functionality During Peak Traffic Periods Posted By: QATestLab What can software engineers do? Of course they assure quality of your software. Some developers want to obtain high-quality testing results and in the shortest terms. But can it be possible? The main task of every software engineer conducting load testing is to ensure the proper functionality of software, especially during peak traffic periods and when you just spin up in software development. For sure, if your web application is slow and has a lot of bugs when many concurrent users use it at the same time, then you will lose most of them. In such cases most users start to use web-applications similar to yours but with proper functionality. That’s why it is better to conduct load testing to all your web applications. As ignoring it can lead to unexpected results. Long time ago load tests were designed to validate that your database, server, and software were ready to handle peak traffic loads. But today’s technology does not stand still and web applications became more complex over the past 10 years and new methods of testing are required now to assure the proper functionality of your software. Software developers became less responsible.

software testing company Mistaken Impression About Software Testing Posted By: QATestLab Have you ever thought that many stakeholders involved in the software industry have illusions about testing? How can it be possible? In fact illusions and misunderstandings about testing are not new in our time. Moreover there are even different kinds of testing illusions like management illusions, developer illusions, tester illusions and user illusions. Can you imagine it? Let us stop now on management illusions as they seem to be really unexpected. So management illusions are: products need no testing; what is testing; anybody can test. It is necessary to sort out some facts to understand better these illusions and misunderstand. So lets start. Some products need no testing A lot of developers are sure that testing should not be applied to their products by software testing company as their software is perfect already. It is wrongly to think so as human work is error-prone. It is impossible to evade all mistakes. There is always the effect of human error and to avoid it, software testing should be conducted. As testing is the process of finding the information on possible defects. Of course people are right when they tell that it is impossible to die from bugs in software.

software testing company Automated Testing: Guarantee Of The Quality Posted By: QATestLab What do you know about automated testing? Lets try to give a short definition: Automated testing is the use of special software to control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes. It is the most appropriate type of testing when a product changes often, but has large functionality. This kind of software testing is usually focusing on creating a set of running tests to cover the newest and the most critical aspects of the developed software. The aim of this kind of testing is the discovery of errors in software. It means that the quality of software can be developed even before the official release of the product. But there can be different obstacles because of which it is impossible to perform high-quality automated testing. E.g.: If the error occurred in the first 10% of the tested software, then it will be impossible check the rest. Not only quality will suffer because of it, but also the budget, there will be also needed more time to eliminate errors and to continue the rest of the test, find new errors and resolve them. Testing is not as easy as it seems to be.

software testing company Crowdsourcing: Breakthrough In Mobile Application Testing Posted By: QATestLab What is crowdsourced mobile application testing? For what purpose was it created? What are the special features of it? Still a lot of people ask such questions when they hear just this name. In fact this kind of testing combines all existing types of testing. But with the rapid development of modern technologies it was necessary to create something new, something what would provide the most high-qualitative mobile application testing. And it happened! Progressive mobile application companies always want to be the first at the market. That is why the creation of new kind of mobile application testing was simply necessary for them. Moreover it had to be done without sacrificing cost and control. How is it possible to define this new kind of mobile application testing? Jeff Howe has defined crowdsourcing as the act of taking the job which is traditionally performed by a designated manager and sourcing it to a large group of people. Moreover the communication with the whole QA team is performed in the form of an open call. Can you imagine what kind of work is done by the whole QA team? It maintains the quality of the product what is a very responsible task.

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software testing company Outsourcing Testing Services – Essential Things To Look For Posted By: kevin clymer According to a survey by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, outsourcing of testing to third-party vendors helps the US software industry save more than $20 billion every year. The rising market competition, need for cost cutting, and the demand for specialization encourage many businesses and software developers to revise their approach toward product development. The push for trimming down expenses and increasing profit has made them to search reliable partners for outsourcing testing needs. However, it is important to ensure that testing service providers must follow proper quality and delivery standards and guarantee infallible products assuring effective bulwark against loss of business or revenue. The following are some important parameters to consider while making a decision on outsourcing your requirement for testing services. Justify need for outsourcing software testing Notwithstanding the temptation of product testing outsourcing model, it is pertinent to look if you need to adopt it. Check out the real benefits you are to get and thorough quality-cost analysis. No doubt cost is a big factor. But delays and lack of quality can defeat the purpose, as it requires you to employ extra resources to check testing services done by the vendor.

Testing Services Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Software Components Posted By: QATestLab A good software testing company conducts unit testing on a regular basis. This testing type constitutes the basis of software testing process. However, before there is software testing, there is software development, which also deals with software components. In the so-called component-based software engineering (CBSE), three types of components are usually reused: Third-party components; Homegrown components and modules; Newly developed components. This means that the components that are reused may affect the overall quality of certain software. That is why a good software testing company should pay special attention to quality assessment of such software products. That is why there are several issues that should be carefully controlled. What Are the Questions Software Developers Conducting Component Testing Should Focus On? What are the aims and challenges of component testing? Can we use already created testing models, methods and strategies for this project? How can special features be checked? (For example, reusability, interoperability, packaging etc.). How to test reused component in a new environment? How to measure quality of component performance? Do we need to integrate automated testing into our work? Which software tools are needed for it? What should be included to the testing report?

software testing company How To Load-test Web Application Posted By: QATestLab Load testing of web applications is designed to determine the maximum power of applications, to identify vulnerabilities that can reduce the maximum capacity level of the application. The main purpose of stress testing is to determine the behavior of web applications in normal conditions and under expected peak load. The other goals of load testing are the response time, throughput, resource consumption, and the maximum number of users. The main stages of load testing for Web applications are: Assessment of basic load testing scenarios. Identifying the workload, indicators, metrics and levels for load testing. Development and implementation of automated load tests. Analysis of the results of the load testing for Web applications. Using these stages in the testing process, you will achieve all the performance goals. It is advisable to start stress testing with a small number of virtual users and gradually increase the load. This will allow you to observe the slightest changes in the behavior of your application. The important part of load testing is the identifying acceptance criteria, especially on the early stages of software development.

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