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Home-Improvement If you entertain often, you should really consider an outdoor kitchen. Ideas are all over the place and are offered in simple grill-and-counter space units to elaborate full built-in "second kitchens!" Prices, of course, range from modest to outlandish and .e in kit form or DIY projects. While your sink and refrigerator are both essential indoors, they are not always needed outdoors, which can help keep costs down as well. Expect an outdoor version of a kitchen to be more casual, with maybe only the essentials you need, like counter space and a good grill. If a more elaborate design is what you desire, this may increase your home’s value, especially if it can be considered a second kitchen. Outdoor kitchen ideas can be realized on a stone patio or wood deck, but reinforcement may be needed if your new kitchen will have a refrigerator and rock or stone facing. You’ll also need to check with your local building department for code requirements and to see if you’ll need a permit. Different localities have different rules. Remember, if something bad happens and someone gets hurt, you may be personally liable, especially if you should have pulled a permit and you didn’t. And, its a good idea, though not critical, to have your backyard kitchen close to your house and indoor kitchen. Planning is always the most important part of any remodel project and poor planning usually makes for inconvenience down the line. You’ll also want to carefully plan the space. Make sure you’ve taken to account everything you want for cooking, eating and serving. This includes all the room needed for the .fort of your family and guests. If you’re considering a kit, search online for "outdoor kitchen kit" or "backyard kitchens" and if you want to see what’s available to build from scratch, search "outdoor kitchen plans" or "ultimate outdoor kitchen plans." Either way, begin your quest online to get a better idea of what’s out there. You’ll need this information to purchase smarter and to better talk with people associated with the .panies you’ll be dealing with. Today outdoor kitchens are much more than a grill, a little counter space and an eating area. If you really entertain a lot, you might consider a built-in fridge, built-in storage for essentials and tools, a propane heater and maybe even an outdoor fireplace! There are also several lighting options, such as low voltage lighting fixtures (earth friendly) and solar lighting fixtures (really earth friendly). Search "low voltage lighting" and "solar lighting" to see which could fit your plans. Mixing the two could be not only smart, but something else to talk about when gathered around the grill! For more on these ideas and specifics for your backyard kitchen planning, visit RemodelQuickTips.. and click on OUTDOOR KITCHENS in the navigation column on the left. This is the time to plan and start getting serious about your second kitchen. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can be firing up the barbie on your new custom outdoor kitchen!Durand Demlow is a .mercial designer, home remodeler and website developer. His knowledge and career has given him the experience to create a website focused on helping do-it-yourselfers and homeowners with free remodeling and decorating tips and ideas. His website, RemodelQuickTips.. is an ever-expanding resource of DIY concepts and advice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: