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Our victory in 16128th period focus recommended: Nanan Pu Wang Ying first win Nanan Pu is expected to welcome first win Nanan Pu VS Sunderland recommended: 3 Nanan this season encounter difficulties, led the outstanding coach Ronald Koeman left, 000 sub horse, and several other mahne Pelle leave the main team strength decline significantly. But before the start of the two teams draw with Watford home court, a defeat to Manchester United, no window. Sunderland last season barely avoid relegation, this season lineup does not change too much, the strength is still the relegation team level. Before the start of the two teams suffered a series of defeats. The disc at the beginning of 1.90 out of 2. Half, at present 1.80 to half 2.10. In the performance of the two teams are not ideal circumstances, the Gambling company will lower the water, apparently no more confidence in sunderland. Nanan is expected to usher in the season’s first victory of the season. Arsenal stress VS Arsenal recommended: 0 rebound of Waterford Watford last season ranked in the middle of the season, in the transfer market net investment of nearly 27 million pounds, bought a winger Susaas and playmaker Parreira two millions of pounds worth of players, the strength has improved. The team round home court against Chelsea although defeated, but the opponent is not easy to win, until the last 10 minutes into the two ball reversal. Arsenal this season to start unfavorable, home defeat to rival Liverpool, visiting the face of a significant decline in the defending champion Lecce city is only forced a draw. The disc at the beginning of 2.05 out of 1.85 parameters affected hemisphere, has risen to 1.95 by half 1.95. Position adjustment direction and fundamentals are not consistent, behind A Senna in adversity. The great hope to win the rebound.相关的主题文章: