Our ten years Zhao Liying youth drama is the goddess of the road-vstart

"Our ten years" Zhao Liying road of Youth Drama off screen are Tencent goddess of entertainment news by Ma Weihao as general director, Liu served as director, Zhao Liying, Qiao Renliang, Wu Yingjie, starring Ban Jiajia, Fan Yichen, Feng Mingchao starring youth nostalgia movie "our ten years" on September 2nd blockbuster release. Zhao Liying breakthrough, challenge the new role type, simple straightforward interpretation of Zhang Jing with "tomboy" to women ten years of transformation, wonderful performance stunning. Short hair long hair "tomboy" turned the goddess Zhao Liying really acting breakthrough won the praise of our movie "ten years" tells the story of three men and three women ten years of youth growth story, Zhao Liying plays Zhang Jingyi in a corner of much of the audience expect. In the new Zhao Liying style is very suction eye, hair fresh and warm sunshine, Frank "tomboy" image contrast, causing the audience infinite memory for youth campus. Ten years later, Zhao Liying is the embodiment of career woman, long black hair soft and slim suit does not lose courage, full screen goddess aura. The Zhao Liying in the corner of Zhang Jingyi can be said to be a new attempt, from ignorant students to the professional staff, she will grow up role change over ten years to do a very accurate, in the campus "tomboy" careless sunshine without work, Zhang Jingyi continued stable atmosphere, Zhao Liying’s wonderful show the film’s audience expectations soared. Last weekend the characteristics of viewing field, to see the film in advance of the audience of Zhao Liying’s interpretation of the expression recognition, the audience said "this movie, the most impressive is Zhao Liying, with her previous role is not the same, can see her breakthrough and progress", and the audience said "Zhao Liying eyes with drama, whether after student sunshine or into the workplace and maturity, let a person feel particularly true." Exquisite performance harvest countless praise. Challenge self breakthrough Zhao Liying screen masterpiece look high since his debut, Zhao Liying has never stopped the pace of progress, "new My Fair Princess" (Opera) in the clear understanding, "Lu Zhen legend" (Opera) in female is strong justice, "Shanshan coming" in eat goods stay cute adorable. "Spend thousands of bone in the bone" life love, each character has their own characteristics, different attempts are also seen Zhao Liying has been on a new challenge. Zhao Liying on the road performing one step at a time was a solid, very well in the field of drama was the portrait of joining our movie "ten years", the interpretation of growth change a girl of ten years, the first attempt to shape and role of new type image. Which for Zhao Liying is also not a small challenge, and the center of life straight of God up the knife of different character, Zhao Liying in the film as a "warm jacket" and "small Master workplace", in addition to outspoken nature added more gentle interpretation of this contrast also let the audience she played the role of giving very high expectations, have a message that "the first time that the shape of Zhao Liying, very much looking forward to seeing her on the big screen, this fall is only expect and Bao Ying in the cinema together". What will be the future of Zhao Liying in September 2nd after the official release of the film.相关的主题文章: