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The Opportunity rover will enter a challenging endeavour Valley survey Rover team will face is to let the opportunity to work for two years, now the car most of the parts are good, but the engine and other parts has far exceeded the design life of the pre. Tencent space news according to foreign media reports, the longest execution rover Opportunity, over the past 5 years has been in the vicinity of the Endeavour crater task time on Mars, now it will be the first time into the interior of this crater valley. Since April 2004, the main task of the completion of the opportunity, NASA began to develop a new extension of the task, the latest batch began in October 1st. This task is part of this extension of the exploration program. The opportunity was launched on July 7, 2003 and landed on Mars on January 24, 2004. Its original mission of exploration is only 90 Martian days, for 92.4 days. John, the head of the jet propulsion laboratory’s opportunity program, said that they had already extended the working hours of the opportunity 50 times compared with the original planned working hours. This is an unprecedented history, but also a great milestone. It makes us remember that there is a group of people who have done a good job in the commission entrusted with the task. The latest extension of opportunity will be launched in the Bitterroot valley. The valley is part of the western edge of the Endeavour crater. The crater is 22 kilometers in diameter, formed in the asteroid hit millions of years ago. The opportunity came to the edge of the Endeavour crater on 2011 after examining several smaller craters. In those craters, opportunity discovered that ancient acid rain has been soaked in the underground layer, and sometimes even cover the surface. A valley chosen for the next major goal, located in the south of the current location. It cut the crater rim from west to East, the length of less than 1 kilometers, about two American football fields. Squyres, a project manager at the Cornell University, said they believed the valley was caused by water erosion. Steve. Since the beginning of the world in 70s, the Mars Orbiter has begun to observe the flow of water washed out of the valley. But before that, people have never been so close to any Valley on mars. One of the three main objectives of the new extension is to examine the valley. They would like to know whether the water flow is a large number of debris flow debris flow, or mainly water, between the general flow of other substances. The team plans to get the opportunity to go through the valley and reach the bottom of the crater. The second goal of the whole extension project is to compare the rocks in the Endeavour crater and the rocks that have been checked before the arrival of the valley. Squtres said that we may find that we have seen in the crater outside the sulfate rich rocks and craters are not the same. We believe that these sulfate rich rocks are produced by processes associated with water and water flows to the ground. The depth of the water filled crater may be quite different from the environment on the outside – it may be that it is not productive相关的主题文章: