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Online report: young wine consumption trend is obvious – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, recently, the first financial business data center (CBNData) under the brands of "several" 008 Sharon "sideways" as the theme, on the Huangpu River, with many guests, the industry, the media and the audience to open a field data of wine feast. "Several" scene, first financial business data center CMO Wang Yang speech, he said that at present the 008 phase of "tens" precise focus of multiple vertical areas of consumption, Home Furnishing smart travel, beauty, snacks, such as underwear, deep insight into consumer preferences, online consumption and wave period, the reason analysis of the formation of the problem. The most immediate concern closely to vertical consumer industries, let the data fall most reality application. The first senior data analyst Zhu Xiaohua financial commercial data center on the recent first financial commercial data center released "China national online wine consumption report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") a detailed interpretation. The report is based on Alibaba big data show that more and more people, especially young people like to buy online drinks products. Online beverage consumption trend of young people is obvious, 20+ crowd accounted for significantly increased the proportion of online consumer groups. Online sales of Wine liquor and "hero" young people have a strong interest in the "report" on the wine display, online wine sales are mainly divided into Wine, liquor, beer, wine, Yellow Wine. Among them, wine and liquor accounted for the majority of the proportion. Beer consumption at this stage the proportion of small, but significant increase. The current online beverage consumption in a large number of economically developed second tier cities, far more than other tier cities. Consumers of different ages have different preferences for wine. Younger consumers prefer wine and beer. Those who prefer a higher age liquor, usually choose to have more health wine drinking. At the same time, the trend of online drinks to buy a clear trend, whether it is liquor, wine, beer or rice wine, the proportion of people under the age of 28 of the purchase amount has been significantly improved. But the young man apparently has been unable to meet what kind of wine, with the introduction of Tmall international more and more foreign brands, young people began to show interest in wine. People under the age of 28 the amount of wine consumption increased significantly, the future market prospects of wine. Wine marketing play a variety of mature age female taste more heavy wine not only moderate drinking can relieve pressure, there is a stronger health function. Especially for women, wine can clear the body of free radicals, help anti-oxidation. 23-28 and 29-35 the proportion of female wine consumption in these two age groups was higher than that of other age groups. Women of this age are due to the hard work, there is a certain economic base, but also face greater pressure on the workplace, wine is a good choice for them. The 23-28 year old young women prefer the taste of light pink Wine, along with the increase of age, women prefer to Wine taste "heavy" Wine category. In order to adapt to the online consumer groups.相关的主题文章: